Suge Knight’s Ex Releasing a Tell- All About The Man Behind Deathrow



The ex-fiancée of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, Stormey Ramdhan, is preparing to release a tell-all memoir about her relationship with the controversial music industry executive.  If she’s telling all of Suge’s business we’ll be seeing her at the crossroads…This must be a “tell-some”. Don’t believe the hype of a Tell All.. All lies!  Apparently she was with him when he had that fake marriage to Michel’le. Men are so dirty.. I swear. Here is some excerpts…

“This book will delineate the love affair, the life lived and the experiences of Stormey Ramdhan with a man known to the public as Suge Knight. It’s a journey of 20 years,” the reads.

“From the beginning of it all, sudden wealth, success, and the making of stars! Also it’s a chance to humanize an image. Many people will relate to the story of unconditional love, innocence, lies, betrayal, jail, and ultimately abandonment. The book is a chance to display what the pressures of Hollywood can do to a family; how losing focus and bad decisions can end it all.”

Stormey goes on claim that she will expose the true story behind Death Row Records.

“This story will let everyone know how the demise can effect the whole family, the people you don’t see, the people no one thinks exist, but the people who have to live with picking up the pieces when it all falls down. My story will also expose the untold Death Row story as seen through the eyes of the woman behind the mogul. My story is an inspiration journey that aims to help those overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their lives,” the forward continues.

 If she’s not revealing who killed Pac and Suge’s possible involvement, I’m not interested, it’s basically pointless if all you’re going to talk about is Suge being abusive and rolling blunts after sucking the D. Just admit you need some $$$$ AND KEEP IT 1 HUNID!!


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