Suge Knight Vows Revenge for 2015, Threatens Drake ?


Suge Knight has had a very hard 2014, he was shot while at a Grammy party hosted by Chris Brown, but didn’t want to snitch on who shot him and he showed support for Lil Wayne wanting to leave Cash Money..

TMZ got a video of Suge Knight basically threatening Drake to never leave Lil Wayne or he will have him killed(you know like he had tupac killed for trying to leave him).

The Compton native was asked his New Year’s Resolution. “I’m gonna make sure everybody gets their justice,” Knight replied before commenting, “It’s the year for business, it’s the year for my book, it’s the year for the movie, and this is the year for getting even.”


Suge is so 1996.


2 thoughts on “Suge Knight Vows Revenge for 2015, Threatens Drake ?

  1. I think that Suge Knight jus’ needs to calm down, he threatened Drake in “code”, the code sounded like some mafia type of stuff to me. PEACE!!!

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