Stuart Weitzmans Talks About Designing Beyoncé’s Shoes for The Mrs. Carter Tour


Beyoncé once said she’d danced 1,000 miles in her  Stuart Weitzmans. Well, she’s about to add a few more miles to that  pedometer, because once again, Weitzman has designed all the sexy pumps,  boots — and everything in between — for her upcoming Mrs. Carter Show  world tour.




“It was a project. We did something like 40, 50 shoes,”  Weitzman tells PEOPLE of the undertaking, which encompasses all of  Beyoncé’s footwear changes, as well as the shoes for her backup dancers  and band. “We made her beautiful jeweled pumps, ankle boot lace-ups with  metal trim on them … that are very sexy. We made her these boots up to  the thigh that have a military influence. Those are the three principal  designs, in lots of colors.”

And Weitzman says he and Beyoncé work equally hard to make sure she’s able to hit the dance floor pain-free.

“What Beyoncé specifically pays attention to is being  able to [wear the shoes] without noticing they’re on her feet,” he says.  “She doesn’t want her feet to burn, so we can’t have too thin of a  sole, but [she asks for] the build-up inside the shoe so it doesn’t look  too heavy. The public doesn’t see or think about that, but Beyoncé  does.”

By this point, Weitzman has her wish list memorized. “I’ve been doing  shoes for so long for her, we’ve learned what she needs,” he says,  naming a list that includes heels “of a special width for her to dance  on,” rubberized soles “so she’s not slippin’ and slidin’ around” and  extra padding inside. So what makes their partnership such a special, long-lasting one?  “She really is interested in the way the shoe feels on her foot,”  Weitzman says. “She absolutely has the impression of not being willing  to suffer, no matter how the shoe looks on her foot.”


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