Stripper Threatens to Expose Waka Flocka and Release Sex Tape ?


This really can’t be life right now, Waka who just married his long time boo Tammy Rivera seems to be in some more drama… Now back in May someone tried to expose Waka by showing him laid up in some random chicks bed… Now a miami Stripper has threatened to release a sextape of Waka tossing her salad… Then she calls him out for having boo, boo stains in his underwear… Just nasty!

According to RWS:

It all started when Miami stripper Innocent_MIA left a comment on Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera’s Instagram page warning her to check Waka before she releases a sex tape of him eating her back door.

And then he posted a picture of her saying this:
photo 1-34



Then she responded:

photo 4-8

photo 5-6

You can say that after all of that, he deleted any reference to Innocent_MIA from his instagram account… I’m with the stripper on this one. Even though she cannot form a grammatically correct sentence to save her life, I believe her. Ladies, these men out here have no shame…

  • ToniPayne Pop Culture Updates

    lol.. saw this yesterday and shook my head.. the thirst for attention is real.. these men need to know to stay away from women who will drag them down.

  • mb

    People will do anything for attention, I mean anything. Exposing Waka will get her nowhere!!