Stevie J. Talks about his Biggest Turn-Off’s ,Says he is turned off by black women

stevie j


Stevie J. is a pervert and the nerve to talk about he is not into black women and stating that he doesn’t like a woman who doesn’t keep her edges and hair on point, Men like this kill me. They are far from a prize themselves…, Don’t treat women good, don’t really have nothing to bring to the table…But want to speak about women as if he has the pick of the litter. I like Joseline, but let’s be real…A reformed stripper/prostitute that’s not very intelligent and has no education or career skills is not nothing to be bragging about. Also, based on those struggle cornrows Joseline used to rock in the first season,  looks  like she working with 4c hair herself. Peep the video inside.

What is his black daughter going to think when she sees this video when she comes of age?  People need to really start thinking about how their actions will affect their bloodline. I cant with these self hating black men. I guess this is the result of never growing up with your mother in your life.

7 thoughts on “Stevie J. Talks about his Biggest Turn-Off’s ,Says he is turned off by black women

  1. That’s fine, we don’t want his old azz either, and Joseline don’t really want him, which by the way she’s blacker than me. This stuff doesn’t hold water. Stevie just know this, the reason you have a show and a face is strictly because of a black audience. Well, we made you, and we’ll erase you. We’re banning your show, and won’t watch it anymore. Farewell to LHHA…long lived the show

  2. she’s gonna think the same thing the rest of America thinks about Stevie J, a sorry excuse for a man.

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