Stevie J Confirms That Him and Joseline are No Longer Together…


Yesterday we told you about Benzino spilling the beans about Joseline and Stevie breaking up and that she was sleeping with any and  everybody.. Well Stevie confirms that they are no longer together via Twitter, during a question and answer session that he decided to have…… He also took down all of his photos of Joseline on his IG page…

During the session,  Stevie admitted that his mistake was loving people who hurt him and regrets trusting a woman..  Then someone asked about his Puerto Rican Princess and he answered by saying that he doesn’t have one of those…….. Check his tweets below read from bottom to top:


Then this morning Mediatakeout posted a story about Joseline cheating with Rick Ross and is pregnant by him? I don’t know about that one…. But, I will say this is an interesting turn of events… I can see Mona spinning this and reuniting Mimi and Stevie….



  • twanatells

    They’ll be back together… Are they getting a divorce?

  • mb

    Cheating and pregnant by Rick Ross? This is going to be interesting.