Stacy Keibler Has Finally Moved On From George Clooney to a

stacy keibler


The former WWE star who has been on and off with George Clooney has found a catch, she is dating Tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre. Keibler, who split with Clooney in July after dating for two years, posted a photo on Instagram on Monday that showed her and her new beau enjoying a glass of wine together in Paris.

“Love being in the city of love!” she captions the pic.

Pobre, 38, is the CEO of Future Ads and lives in Orange County, Calif. He started his company in 2001 with an investment of $500.00 and by 2009 his net worth is $50 Million. Men of this caliber aren’t found in nightclubs. My advice to women who can’t understand why they can’t find a man like this… First thing is you have to ┬áBE A CATCH YOURSELF. Be someone that a fabulous guy would want to date. Have stuff going on. Seriously ask yourself if you would date yourself? Congrats to Stacy…..

  • Coffy Brown

    They look good together – wish them the best!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Contract dates…LOL They are called Rent-a-Date…lol

  • KiaSoto

    thats that ad money 500 to 50 million amazing and woot woot we will be next

  • mb

    Stacy’s contract with George was up after two years. No one was surprised that he ended it with her. George keeps it moving after 1 year and Stacy was around an additional year. Those Eva Longaria rumors definitely sounded true, that he was trying to hookup with her. Stacy got alot out of her time with George, she got exposure. Most people were not checking for her like that until she got with Mr. Hollywood.