Space Jam 2 Starring Lebron James

lebron space jam 2

Deadline reports the news that, Warner Bros. is partnering with brother duo Charlie and Willie Ebersol on Space Jam 2, starring Miami Heat’s LeBron James  and Bugs Bunny, of course.

Charlie will produce Space Jam 2, with Willie writing. The movie’s in the early stages, so James will have plenty of time to heal from that broken nose he just received from Serge Ibaka during the game against OKC.

IGN says This is the first major film deal for Charlie Ebersol, who previously has produced unscripted TV and the acclaimed documentary Ithuteng: While James will be at the center of the film, it’s expected that, like in the original Michael Jordan Space Jam, other NBA stars will also appear.

Space Jam was a hit in 1996, earning $230M worldwide. Still, 18 years is a very long time to make a sequel. It’s especially amusing that Warner Bros. also announced a release date today for The LEGO Movie 2, which opened just two weeks ago.

  • Coffy Brown

    Im not even intererested – But Im sure no matter how wack it is – the box office will reign supreme because of LeBron! Still not interested –

  • Venessa Thomas

    That’s my boy!!

  • Meiqua