South Park Comes For Kanye West and Kim Kardashian In Season Finale



South Park is finishing this year with more controversy, even though the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker felt the wrath of Kanye last time for their episode of him being a “Gayfish” they once again went after Yeezus. This time, they had Kanye crashing an acceptance speech by the Pope all in the name of his wife (I think they are secretly married), Kim Kardashian. It seems like the world is against him and wifey in the eyes of South Park’s vicious team of writers as kanuye is practically defending Kim in every frame of the animated series. LOL.. Peep it inside. The Beyonce shade is endless with this episode…..


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South Parks version of Bound 2

I am literally “GAGGGGGGGGGGGGING” when Ye says “Man, GET THE BLEEP OUTTA HERE, you Hobbit-trivia b*tch! Who the BLEEP asked you?!” LMAO South park knows how to shade for filth..Clearly they did they’re homework on Kanye.! I can’t wait to see what Kanye says, because you know he has a come back for everything!


Then he calls Kim and says : “HOLD UP…b*tch, if you’re the hobbit, you need to let me know me right now cus l’m making a fool of myself out here!”  Then when they mention Queen Bey at the end!!!

She wanted to look like Beyonce. “Even though she can’t sing or act like Beyonce or even be a decent human being like Beyonce.”


“GAAAAAGGGGING”””” OMG. South Park is stupid! Kanye is about to bring out Kanyetta and Queen the hell out.

  • Coffy Brown

    Lmao @ body of a hobbitt! roflmao – Okay I love South Park – lmao – that episode was fucking hillarious.. lmao –

  • Venessa Thomas


  • KiaSoto

    its gotta be a part two becuz he discovers he is god at the end

    • Elle Brooklyn

      @Kia no mind you it’s the season finale so they had to leave a cliff hanger at the end

  • KiaSoto

    i cant stop laughing o m g elle i needed this

  • mb

    @Elle – You think Kanye and Kim are secretly married?

    • Elle Brooklyn

      I think so…. @MB… I really do…

  • KiaSoto

    gay fish

  • KiaSoto

    lol everybody got shots