Someone Is Not Here For Kanye and Kim’s Engagement, Not So Blind Item?


It’s just never ending with these people and apparently someone is in their feelings about Kim and Kanye’s engagement and they decided to spill tea as a blind item….

According to Blind

 It’s always happy news when a man and a woman get engaged, right?

Not in this case! There is actually someone very close to the couple who is definitely NOT happy with the news!

It’s the future groom’s boyfriend!

Yes, he has a boyfriend. Yes, his fiancé knows about the boyfriend. Yes, the boyfriend knew that the engagement was coming. That doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it!

In fact, the boyfriend is actually annoyed that his beau has taken the relationship this far. He is telling friends,  that although the couple may be engaged, “They will never be REALLY married.”

What do you think he means by that?



Her boy got a boyfriend and I’m sorry where there’s smoke there’s fire and clearly someone is determined to throw some shade over their joyous occasion. Sister wives, Ricardo is about to increase the Kim shade to 1,000 . Beware of a gay men scorned. Remember back in may when we posted about Riccardo discussing his encounter with a “KNOWN” guy ? makes me question, did Kanye sleep with Riccardo as a way to get into and gain acceptance into the fashion world? I don’t know why I have a feeling Kanye used him. I think they had a fling and it meant a lot more to Riccardo than it meant to Kanye.

This explains the Met Gala dress which, Riccardo put her in and that magazine cover…..With the gold grills, while she was pregnant…I think there’s disappointment all around with this crew.

1-Riccardo thought he had it on lock. After all, Kanye spent 99% of Kim’s pregnancy in Europe, living in Paris at this guys house. The times they saw each other, Kanye came to NY, and Kim had to go to him in Paris each time. I’m sure Riccardo was loving it, all his fashion trolling of her aside.

2-Kanye, I think he genuinely believes his own hype, and KK bought into it too. The reality is that he doesn’t ball as hard as how he’s trying to make people believe, he’s still a far cry from Diddy, JayZ, even Birdman baller money–and we all know that w/ that amount of money comes the *really* good connections. (He comes in at #59 in the Forbes 2013 Celeb 100 earners, and #6 in 2013 Hip Hop). So what does he do? He milks the “I’m an artiste” bullsh*t, and hopes we all fall for it too. He wants to be taken seriously, but he can’t hide the narcisissm and crazy long enough for people to want to invest in him. He’s not anywhere near Diddy’s 580M net worth, he’s only estimated at 90-100M.

3-Kim, while totally Kanye’s partner in narcissistic/fame whoring crime, is still just the ho who’ll have to live with the fact that she’s “in love” with a man who’ll never put her first (his absence during her pregnancy should’ve been a clear indicator); who’ll justify everything by throwing out words like “work” and “art” and “genius”, and she’ll just suck it up; who’s sexuality she’ll always question, and who’ll make her feel like sh*t about her body to the point that she’ll go into hiding for months. Further, her stock actually *is* plummeting, it’s not just the KKUTK ratings. Per Forbes, her ranking this year is #66 –when last year it was #7 . To her credit, she gets to be the baby momma, something that just trumped the hell out of Riccardo.

So there it is. We’ll all see this play out in the form of money being thrown about, and grandiose gestures from all sides (I think the stadium proposal is only the beginning)–it’s all about keeping up appearances. I just wonder how long it’ll be before it gets old. That’s a lot of pressure they put themselves under in the name of fame-whoring.  I guess time will tell…..



    Ha! I hate ya’ll for this. Lol boyfriend though? Lol

  • Nic

    I hate that dress. Anyway, It could be true. Kanye never really seemed 100% Hetero to me. His “girlfriends” all look like his home girl. Amber looked more like his home girl he travels with than someone he was sleeping with. Kim K. looks the same way next to him. He could most def have a bf.

  • Coffy Brown

    Shady Grove hunnnnnny! I just can;’t with these folks – they need to be nominated for most artivles on tattletailzz – SMH I always thought Kanye was adventerous – and that’s cool – I just hope if he is , he is being honest about it all at least with the people it would matter to – but this is toooo shady

  • Gigi

    If this ain’t some soap opera ish to the 10th power. But I will say if it is any truth to this story it will eventually come out.

  • MB

    @Ellen – I take blind items with a grain of salt, always. Kanye West has been sleeping with Kim off and on for years, along with Amber Rose and other women. I don’t not believe that Kanye West and Riccardo Tisci are lovers at all. I do believe they are friends and Kanye maintains these close friendships for the fashion connects because he wants desperately to be in the fashion industry. Why don’t you run the blind items about Jay & Bey? Since you believe in blind items, and there are a ton about Jay & Bey and Rihanna. You breaking down Kanye’s finances are hilarious, considering that he is always in the top ten on Forbes every year. Who complains about someone only being worth 90 or 100 million dollars?

    • KiaSoto

      Tell Her Ms Barnes @ellen stay picking with kanye

      • Nicola Gossips

        I can send you some on the weekend if MB doesn’t. The Bey and Jay binds are to be expected, violence, cheating. Typical he’s a black man so he can love and be respectful to Bey in private.

  • Venessa Thomas

    GROSS!!! Kanye got a boyfriend???