Solange’s album sales increased after elevator incident




Solange may have come out as a winner, after the elevator fight with brother in law Jay Z.  The songstress will be opening with Jay and Bey for the “On the Run Tour” and reportedly, the 27-year-old’s digital sales went up during the week ending May 18, 2014. According to HipHopDX, Solange’s “sales were at 2,000 for the week, up over the prior week’s total track sales of 600.”




  • CosmoBeauty

    Coo-coo & crazy always sales. Just turn on the tv or walk around a hood mall. Solange spanked that ass tho. LMBAO! She’s a true doe-doe bird, so is her sister and brother-in-law.

  • Venessa

    Jay and Bey didn’t go to the wedding????????

  • KiaSoto

    Jay may have took a beating for the team, not only did they get to skip Kimye wedding thanks to the Rachel Roy elevator incident Solange digital album sales have soared!