Solange Knowles Throws Subliminal Shade at Miley Cyrus ?

solangeI guess everyone is subliminal tweeting today, Solange was on Twitter and I guess she caught wind or seen the video #23  or the Rolling Stone article with Miley Cyrus and all of a sudden she came out from lurking to say this….

solange knowles ‏@solangeknowle s 1m
It’s just so fun to “play black” huh?

The Soul Angel has blessed us!

solange knowles ‏@solangeknowle s 3h
Liiiiike……Lets all dress up, and “play black” today because that shit is more fun than six flags!!!

I guess it’s just one of those days on Twitter and even though she didn’t @ her so we could know it’s real, but she clearly was subliminally snatching Miley’s wig… I mean I’m tired of Miley pretty much using the black cluture for a crossover, but clearly stated that she didn’t want to be known as hood. I’m pretty sure Miley could careless she will keep doing her…