So, Lil Scrappy Got a New Baby Mother, and It’s Not Bambi!




Meet Scrappy’s new baby mother, her name.. Erica Pinkett who is a new cast member on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta….  According to her Bambi is a “Homewrecking Ho”, it’s funny because Scrappy cheated on Bambi with Erica and got her pregnant…… Now he has two baby mama’s named Erica… How Ironic… Diamond did speak on Scrappy needing to clear those demons out…

So Now Bambi is taking where Erica (The first baby mother) left off and Erica (The new baby mama) is taking over where Shay left off… The difference is… Erica Pinkett is with child..  Apparently they’ve been going back and forth via Instagram…. Fighting over this negroe… The D has to be on point…..

But I remember seeing Scrappy in the club during BET Weekend and I could see how a chick can get caught up… He is not bad in person… We locked eyes quick, which he smiled, but some groupie got in the way and I kept it moving… I had to remember… His coins are not long and he has too much drama… LITERALLY….

All of these chicks are dumb to fight over a mama’s boy that is still latched on to her tit, being that he is over 30… Well the stripper is pretty at least…

….. According to

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” producers are making cutbacks on bloodshed by increasing security during shoots, and Lil Scrappy can testify … it’s already saved him from brawling with a FEMALE co-star.
Sources close to production tell TMZ … Scrappy and a new cast member named Erica Pinkett had to be separated by the new security force after she threw wine in his face during a dinner this week.
We’re told producers have added security — it’s now one guard for every cast member — on all shoot to keep things from getting “too ratchet.”
We’re also told it isn’t just cast-on-cast violence they’re guarding against … it’s also civilians trying to attack stars.
As one cast member put it … “That s*** gets ratchet and now the bodyguards shutting that s*** down.”
Words to live by.

Notice something: Erica is the same one who was trying to get hired at Tracey Steele and Drew’s fake sneaker store last season. I hope this show doesn’t start getting TOO fake smh!!!

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