Singer Monica Twitter Q&A She Talks about Keyshia Cole Beef, Shannon Brown, Jay-Z and More

Keyshia Cole, Monica


Singer Monica Dishes On Keyshia Cole Beef, Jay-Z is her favorite rapper, how much she loves her family and  more on twitter.

Monica decided to allow her Twitter followers to ask her a few questions in a Twitterview using the hashtag #AskMo.

She tweeted, “While Baby watches film lets have an #AskMo Session… U ask I answer. People think they know but have no idea. Get it from my mouth LOL❤”

Fan: when u got married the best feeling?
Mo: YES we didn’t have reservations or hesitations

Fan: Does SB still give you butterflies?
Mo: Yessssssssssssss

Fan: do u think all men cheat? Like a lot of women say
Mo: Hell No do all women? thats a cop out #FindTheRight1

And on her relationship with best-friend Keyshia Cole and their rumored beef.

Fan: what happen between you and keyshia cole?
Mo: Not at thing… we never had an argument.. Love her always

There you have it folks. Check out more questions and answer’s from Monica’s Twitterview below.

Fan: where do u keep your awards?
Mo: I usually give them to my mom. She’s everything to me❤

Fan: if one of your boys asked you to give up fame would you?
Mo: In a heartbeat.. their happiness is 1st

Fan: do Rocko Romelo act like you or big Rocko?
Mo: Lil Rocko acts like his dad & Romelo is outspoken like me

Fan: Do you think its harder raising boys versus girls?
Mo: In the world we live in its equally a challenge

Fan: What artist would you really like to work with that would surprise your fans ???!!!
Mo: Pink Love her

Fan: who is your favorite rapper?
Mo: Jay z

Fan: When you won the Grammy did you Brandy both get one or is it shared
Mo: We both got one

Fan: do u still see your ex that took his life daughter?
Mo: He took his own life not hers. shes a great girl

Fan: what will you be most proud of when you look back at your life years from now?
Mo: Being dedicated to fam

Fan: Which brand would you love to be the face of?
Mo: Neutrogena or Cover Girl

Fan: what ever happened to those kids u use to take care of from the boyfriend that committed suicide
Mo: Theyre adults❤

Fan: What can we expect from the new album?
Mo: Me blending new sounds with a soulful feel.. of course real stories

Fan: did you know Aaliyah?
Mo: Very well, i loved baby girl. real, sweet, quiet but again real !!!

Fan: What’s your secret wish?? :)
Mo: It came true recently S/O to my hubby

Fan: what type of charity work do you like to get involved in…
Mo: I love Make A Wish & feeding america

Fan: do u have any regrets with ur life? U r an inspiration n a
Mo: I dont!! the valleys make u appreciate the peaks

Fan: if you had any mutant power what would it be & y?
Mo: Wish i could zap a person & they no longer lie

Fan: I miss the show you had on BET .. why wasn’t there another season ?
Mo: I decided not to do it being a newlywed

Fan: what u think about Tiny’s show tiny tonight?
Mo: Im so proud of her, love that shes ALWAYS herself

Fan: growing up, what type of music did you listen to?
Mo: Gospel

Fan: what got you through the heartache and failures? Feeling it now..
Mo: My faith & family i also got into the word/bible

Fan: You don’t ever plan on acting again, do you?
Mo: I do just HAS tO be the right part

Fan: can u and @kmichelle do a song together for y’all new albums!
Mo: Absolutely

Fan: what is one of your favorite moments in your career?
Mo: Winning the grammy with brandy

Fan: Have You Ever Cried Performing One Of Your Songs ?
Mo: Happens more when i song Whitney’s songs

Fan: did you and Hubby Shannon go on a honeymoon? If so where??
Mo: Yes Two! Anguilla & Turks and Caicos

Fan: do you plan on extending your family anytime soon?
Mo: Yes❤❤❤

Fan: were u nervous or excited your first concert
Mo: Excited.never started getting nervous until i was grown

Fan: how tall are u?? I’m 5’5 on a good day I’m 5’5 and a half
Mo: Im 5’8 without heel maybe 6ft with

Fan: Do u want any more Kids Mybe a LiL girl ?
Mo: Yes we want two more boys or girls just healthy

Fan: what would you be doing if you weren’t singing
Mo: I would own salons and do hair or Forensic Science

Fan: if you had a daughter, what would you name her?!
Mo: Shannon has already said hes naming her lol

I dont know. i wish everyone the best RT @Miriamwknc: @MonicaBrown what happened to Megan Rochelle? #askmo
21h Monica Brown Monica Brown ‏@MonicaBrown

Fan: what is your fav moment as a wife/mother
Mo: I have had so many. one was my son giving me away❤

Fan: what’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned?
Mo: Not to let others tell u who or what u should be!

Fan: which of your albums is your favorite?
Mo: The first Miss Thang No politics and bs just music back then

Fan: you think the world ending tomorrow? (Dec.1st 2012)
Mo: No.

Fan: what’s the best part about being married
Mo: Being committed, the love & love making is next level❤

Fan: How was your experience playing a role on Living Single
Mo: I was 14 i was in shock and excited #StillThankful

Fan: did you attend college?
Mo: I didnt not even after i was accepted into a few… #IWasYoung graduated at 16 I shouldve

Fan: it true what ther sayin bout ashanti n nelly
Mo: I have no clue, im really big on minding my buissinessis

Fan: Did you marry Rocko?
Mo: We never legally.. 10 yrs same home common law i assume that was!!

Fan: I Love How You Make Time For Your Hubby, Kids And Career. Does It Get Hard Balancing It All Out?
Mo: No family 1st❤

Fan: when u comin out with a new album #AskMo ?!
Mo: Next year 4th quarter, don’t wanna rush it want it to be right

Fan: what’s your guilty pleasure?
Mo: Purses and soul food lol

Fan: was @shannonbrown single when you started dating him?
Mo: TOTALLY!! after all i experienced i would NEVER..

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