Shabba Ranks Turned Down The BET Awards Because If Mariah Carey Gets Her Own Stage, He Should Too!


Shabba Ranks is killing me for this right now, back in June when the the BET Awards came on in LA and they did a Reggae segment, he says that he had a prior engagement but was still willing to do the show.  The thing is when he gave them his requirements he wasn’t feeling the fact that he had to share the stage with four other reggae artist.

He also states that he has two Grammy Awards and if Mariah gets her own stage so  should he. Shabba feels that other artists in other genres aren’t a bad bitch like he is.  He claims he is a nice dresser but never gets to show off his fashions at BET functions because BET has never invited him on a red carpet.

This just goes to show that BET needs to expand their audience, get ALL black people. They play movies 14 hrs a day and then have the same coonery on 106 & Park, they could have certain blocks of the day dedicated to all genres of music. It was nice to see all those reggae artist, I was putting my hands in the air, waving my fake gun talking about “Brrrrrap, Brrrraaap”.. Gwaan Shabba!!  LOL

Ting a Ling, Twice My Age, Loverman and some other good stuff. He’s a reggae legend in his own right, but his queenish ways is killing me right now. KMSL that he called himself a “BAD B**CH”!

6 thoughts on “Shabba Ranks Turned Down The BET Awards Because If Mariah Carey Gets Her Own Stage, He Should Too!

  1. Chile please, I ain’t got time to decipher what Shabba saying in that video.Where Patra at? Her ass would have made the BET Awards…

  2. I can respect that – I mean a segment is a segment, you cant turn one into two – especially when messing with divos and time allotted arenas – But if he was there that shit would of been even more live than it was! I wish he had reconsidered!

  3. Of course because he has all of those albums and hits, except that I can only name one. Sid doun *in my jamaican voice*

  4. Really? I haven’t heard any new music from Shabba Ranks in years. That doesn’t mean that he is not making any music, but why would he have the stage to himself?

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