See What Jay Z Gave Beyonce For Valentine’s Day!


Today is Valentine’s day and yes it’s the day of love, but everyday should be…. But I love the gift that Jay has given to his wife Beyonce, Jay hooked Bey up with a Tacori “Promise” bracelet that only unlocks with a key held by the wearer’s significant other.


According to Vlad TV:

The silver and gold bracelet retails for $2,390, chump change for Jay, but it holds a much more significant meaning. The Tacori website explains the piece, “Made of intertwining silver and gold, the design represents two unique individuals uniting through a promise. Once the bracelet is fastened, only the key holder can unlock the promise. The connection chain links both parts of the bracelet and symbolizes that the bracelet is always connected.”  A source revealed to People that Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter to pick up the gift, “[Hunter] got the bracelet and took it with him to give to Jay Z. He said Jay was waiting for Valentine’s Day to gift her along with a few other presents, but … that Beyoncé is always too eager and you can’t hold any secret from her, so he decided to give it to her earlier.”

I love the whole concept….. Very romantic…


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  1. I’ve always loved the concept of this bracelet – Cartier had one similar to it as well – That is a great present to give the one you love! And we all know they will be together forever – i would of loved to see her smile behind that one! #CarterSeason

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