Scott 2.0: Kanye Is Pressuring Kim to Marry Him ?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Out For Dinner In Paris

They are trying it again! It appears that Kanye is in a rush to walk Kim down the isle, but she is in no rush. That is according to the NY Daily News. Sources are claiming that “Kanye is obsessed with her,” a source close to Kim reveals. “He always has been. He has begged her to get married a few times, it’s Kim that’s saying ‘not yet.’ ” Kim needs to stop. She knows she loves to be married. She has expressed this on more than one occasion.


Kris is terrified that if Kim doesn’t say yes soon, it will make the family look bad and with her being an unwed mother.  Kris feels that it would look better if Kim was married and settled. She also tells close friends that this time around the wedding between the two would be small, no cameras and press. I guess she learned after her 72 day marriage to Mr. Humphries.  Honestly… Out of all the outlandish Kardashian stories, this is the most plausible to me. I don’t know. Kanye doesn’t make any sense,  so anything is possible with him. I will still give this story a major side eye…



  • Coffy Brown

    She is already an unwed mother – whats the difference if it lasted a month or if it last 10 years!?! If it is Kim, I sure hope she sticks to her guns and waits until she is ready – Take notes from Diddy boo! If you ain’t ready – you ain’t ready!

  • keira

    RUN KIM. RUN KIM… Grab North and head for North!!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Don’t care for Kanye at ALL!!

  • mb

    The story lost me with “Kim will look bad if she doesn’t settle down.” Kourtney has two kids and she is not married, so why does Kim need to get married? Also, this would be Kim’s 3rd marriage, I would be cautious if I was her. Both Kanye and Kris Jenner are controlling, so either way one of them will be telling Kim what to do.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Well this what they are saying Kris is stating??? I mean I get that.. She is probably done with trying to push Kourtney to marry scott. So if she can push anyone to do something it would be kim. Especially if it would bring ratings and press.

  • Nic

    She looks more like his prisoner in most pics..not his girlfriend. Amber looked the same way when she was with him. I rock with Kanye but I think his manhood is built on ego alone. There is no passion visible between these two. No love at all. Just some weird made for tv couple. Idk…