Scandal Sneak Peek: Olivia and The President’s Wife Mellie Make Nice

kerry washington

People have been on a Scandal dry spell since they went on a hiatus right before the holidays, well now they are back with a sneak peek of what’s to come February 27th.  Mellie and Olivia smile for a photo op at a restaurant and pretend to make nice. Watch them fake it in the clip inside.

The president’s wife makes it hard for people to feel sorry for her, especially when she does childish things like this… But I can’t wait..

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye’ve NEVER watched this show!!

  • mlmkareem

    i really do not like this show, it makes black women look bad. Would you women agree?

  • MrsGrapevine

    Mellie and Liv will always make nice when it comes to the win. Then it’s back to their separate corners with gloves on.

  • mb

    What’s up with this story that Kerry’s husband was not with her on her birthday (Friday, January 31st). He was in NY for the Superbowl festivities and the very pregnant Kerry Washington was in Los Angeles.

    • Nic

      I heard that too. Apparently, she gave him the “ok” to fly out to NYC to party. They most likely celebrated her bday before his flight tho. People love drama.

      • mb

        Oh, ok.

        • Elle Brooklyn

          LOL MB!!!!

    • Kia Soto

      thanks for the heads up but he probably was there because most football players were too partying and getting it in ??? thank u