Sanaa Lathan Dismisses Colin Kapernick Dating Rumors


While doing press for The Best Man Holiday Sanaa Lathan is laughing off rumors of her and Colin Kapernick being a couple after these two posted the picture above on Instagram, with a cute caption. She says:  “That night I was just at a dinner and I took a picture with him. And he’s a cutie pie,” . “All of a sudden the rumors are out there.””No, it’s not happening with Colin Kaepernick”

Of course she would dismiss the rumors as it gets out him and Teyana Taylor are spending time together along with other women that he seems to get at on Instagram. Now with this new private messaging for Instagram that will be launched next month, he can be more discreet in picking up his crushes.

Anyway she also talks about her on screen chemistry with Taye Diggs and shares details about her next project with Forest Whitaker called Repentance.


  • Coffy Brown

    Ain;t nothing wrong with being young, fun and full of c*M, everybody needs to have fun, Colin is a ladies man with his fine ass! Bu Teyana Taylor? much as I love her – I never saw that coming! They do make a cute couple – dinner or otherwise

  • Venessa Thomas

    I bet this chick is banking!!

  • mb

    I can’t believe that he is linked to Teyana Taylor.

  • KiaSoto