Samuel L Jackson Calls TV Anchor A Moron For Mistaking Him For Laurence Fisburne


This is hilarious, you know most white people think all blacks look a like and here’s more proof. L.A. news anchor just thought Samuel L. Jackson was Laurence Fishburne, on live TV and Sam Jackson completely calls news reporter a moron. Watch the video now.

Jackson was there to talk about his new movie “RoboCop” this morning on KTLA and for some reason, the entertainment anchor Sam Rubin decided to ask Sam Jackson about his new Super Bowl commercial. “We don’t all look alike!” Jackson informs reporter.


  • Coffy Brown

    Yo he went in on that dude – that shit was so funny!!1 lol Stick it to the man – So what one more got damn time – lmao

  • Venessa Thomas