Russell Simmons and brother Rev Run accused of stealing millions

russell simmons

The Simmons brothers being accused of stealing millions. Rasheed Young, president of Run Athletics, and business partner to music Russell Simmons and Reverend Run, is planning suing the brothers for allegedly stealing tens of millions of dollars.

TMZ reports that lawyers for Rasheed Young, sent the brothers a letter in November accusing them of funneling millions in revenue from their Pastry brand of footwear into a company Rasheed had no part in. Rasheed also claims that Rush and Run have stolen tens of millions, and that the duo hasn’t responded at all to Rasheed’s letter or demands.


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  • Sarah

    Say it ain’t so! I’d expect this of Russell but not Rev Run.

  • Venessa Thomas


  • Yazmar

    smh,..oh wow they better pull it together

  • Iam Bee

    Oh my! Hopefully they work something out…