Rumor Mill: Keyshia Cole Dating Cash Money’s Birdman ?


The rumor mill is going about Keyshia Cole possibly dating birdman….  People thought that she was thinking of signing to the CEO of Cash Money Records, but come to find out they are secretly dating.

According to our friends over at Impeccableimperfections they got the deets:

I’ve gotten an update on this story! I got a juicy tip from an inside source that claims that she is not signing with Birdman’s label but she is dating him. Allegedly he is very giving, he’s buying her fancy gifts which include jewelry and shoes. I guess there is no hope for her getting back with poor Boobie.


Poor Boobie is right, I’m not even mad at Keyshia, get those coins…. Interesting pairing though…

3 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Keyshia Cole Dating Cash Money’s Birdman ?

  1. I hope this is a rumor. There isn’t enough money in the world that would make me put my lips on Birdman.

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