Rumor Control: Khloe Kardashian Possibly Dating Matt Kemp, Filing For Divorce From Lamar Odom Today

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Well, today is a good day and it just got even better with this little tea, according to TMZ Khloe is filing for Divorce from Lamar today December 13th Sources say, Khloe will be citing irreconcilable differences in her legal docs. The split should be pretty cut and dry — an ironclad prenup which kept all their assets separate … and no kids. I think the reason behind the divorce is because of this video of Lamar rapping about cheating on Khloe.



The end was a long time coming … Khloe  expressed  concerns about the marriage ever since she learned about Lamar’s crack addiction earlier this year, but she forestalled divorce for fear he’d OD or worse and now rumors are surfacing of Khloe possibly dating Rihanna’s ex Matt Kemp. Apparently they were both at the Jay-Z concert (in one of the pics of her and some guy whoever was standing next to her looked like he/she had on a gray sweater and Matt had on a gray sweater that night), and him posting the exact same.

Kris Jenner Xmas tree picture talking about “it’s going to be a Cali Christmas”. They were talking about it on the radio out in LA, too…and hence her “rush” toward a divorce. But this is just speculation, of course.  Since Kris Jenner took a pic of his Christmas tree days ago and he just posted the same tree. Is that why he had such a bad year on the field? Or maybe he is dating Malika, who knows but time reveals all…

10 thoughts on “Rumor Control: Khloe Kardashian Possibly Dating Matt Kemp, Filing For Divorce From Lamar Odom Today

  1. I agree with MB.. she may not be pretty enough for Matt. Game seemed liked a good match for Khloe…. IDK if Malika makes the cut either. She’s just so cute and regular. ( Matt is seriously fine though….geez!)

  2. Good for Khloe! Lamar’s drug addiction and cheating ended their marriage. As for Matt Kemp, this story needs more people for me to believe it. I don’t see Matt Kemp dating Khloe Kardashianl. Let’s be honest, Khloe is not that attractive compared to other women Matt could be dating. Khloe was attractive for Lamar, for Matt Kemp, she is not.

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