Rumor Alert: Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban Finally Gets A Girlfriend?

cat jonathan

On one of the last episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Kim joked with her best friend and PR guy Jonathan Cheban suggesting he should go online to date and or insinuated that he goes online for dates and looking for girls similar to “craigslist”. Well looks like Jonathan may have himself a girlfriend.

We received a tip that Jonathan Cheban may have him a new girlfriend, her name is Cat.

Here’s what our reader had to say:

Jonathan Cheban Kim K’s PR guy is dating Cat from Tazsangels. TazsAngels are a group of models who live in a mansion in Miami. They call themselves “business women” and fashion designers but I think its strange 6 women live in a mansion with one man name Taz?? IJS,  is Jonathan  tricking off his money “paying for action” with a fashion designer/urban model  Cat? I don’t think its a good look for Kim who is about to become a mother.

jonathan cheban cat 1

Do you think the reader is a hater? Is Cat and Jonathan dating? I went through his instagram and he is out several times with “Cat” so it is possible, if so congrats, or maybe they are just good friends.


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  • Nicola Gossips

    Sounds like a hater, but 6 models who live in a house with a man who calls them his angels? It sounds like a prostitution ring to me.

  • Gossipwelovecom

    I still thing he’s gay! And she might be a tranny… just saying lol