Rumor Alert: Does Carmelo Anthony Have Another Baby On The Way?

carmelo lala

This is the second time  hearing about an “alleged baby on the way for Melo” and not by his wife LaLa.  Recently the couple have been having some marital problems

According to Infamous Gossip forum Lipstick Alley:

Carmelo is expecting another baby and the so-called “alleged” baby mothers identity hasn’t been released yet ?? Sounds fishy to me but here is what the forum is reporting:

I don’t know the exact identity of this girl but she is white/brunette, used to be KG’s ho and also, used to work for Craig Sager. Even Shaq screwed her back in the days. I know from extra reliable sources in Lala’s family that Melo swears he is not responsible for it but indeed had an affair with the becky so…let’s wait for her to come out soon because Lala knows that becky wants to go to the media and she is ready to do anything for it not to happen. Melo and her even had this photo OP not long ago but right now, they aren’t even sharing the same bed.


This sounds like Kim’s real best friend Carla??  Maybe this explains the distance between Kim Kardashian and La La lately?


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