Rob Kardashian Has Been Charged With Battery and Theft


This is all because he didn’t want to be snapped shirtless? Rob Kardashian has been charged with battery and petty theft after allegedly attacking a photographer in L.A. back in March.

According to the criminal complaint, Rob was charged with one count of each crime — both misdemeanors.

For his part, Rob says he lashed out because the photog trespassed onto private property to take the photos. Perhaps he needs to head on to Law or Business School and get around normal people his own age. The glitz and glam will be there when he is through. because the fame isn’t on his side right now.

  • curvaceous

    I agree too

  • mb

    I so agree with you. Rob has a degree from USC and he talked about going to law school at one point. He needs to do something, the spotlight for him is deem.