Rob Kardashian Can’t Trust His Family

rob kardashian dancing with the stars

When Rob Kardashian did not attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding sources speculated because of his weight gain and or he was depressed, but now the new claims are Rob Kardashian left because he simply can’t trust his family and coincidentally after not attending the wedding he believes his family leaked the pictures of him doing Sizzurp to the media.

Via HollywoodHiccups

“Rob absolutely believes that his family, specifically, sister, Kim, have leaked information about his alleged drug use to the media‚Ķ She was so angry at Rob for abruptly leaving her wedding festivities, and he thinks she did this as revenge.”


It appears Kim and Rob always but heads, but something happened for him to abruptly leave and it seems like Kim could have cared less if he was there or not honestly.

  • mb

    BTW – I do believe that the Kardashian family is desperate to get him help and these candidate pictures being leaked to TMZ is an attempt to embarrass him and make him get help. Can you blame them? Rob is on a downward spiral and his family is trying to save his life.

  • mb

    This story originated from Radaronline. So tabloid Radaronline wants people to believe that Kim is the one who leaked the pictures of Rob smoking weed and drinking sizzurp to TMZ? Wouldn’t that mean that Kim would’ve been in the same room while he was doing all this and taking the picture? Rob has a problem and his family has been trying to get him help. Anyone who’s had a family member dealing with a substance abuse problem knows what it is like to try to get them help and they refuse it. First, I don’t believe this was Kim’s doing, of course that’s what the tabloid wants you to believe, it makes the story sound better.

    • Kia Soto

      very good point!!!