Rihanna Speaks About Her Rekindled Relationship With Chris Brown

Not many words needed to describe the love Chris Brown and Rihanna share. It appears that the relationship has taken a total 360 bringing  the two superstars back together, and his love triangle has finally come to and end.

Chris recently dumped and humiliated Karrueche  in public by rekindling his relationship with Rihanna.

Chris claims that “he wants to be single” and decided let Karrueche enjoy life without him and all his perks . In his recent video love confession Chris says he doesn’t want to hurt either one.

With all the attention suddenly  back on”Chrianna”  Rihanna speaks out about her relationship with Chris Brown, saying “Ain’t nobody bidness…but mine and my baby!

Let’s see how this will play out, in order for Chris to be at that Jay-Z concert the other night  his manager Bu had to get permission from Jay-Z, PERIOD… So I am sure Chris had to man up and talk to Jay….

Jay will make the best of this “situation” figuring he will not only allow the two to date again, but make money off of Breezy…

Yes that’s right Breezy.  Jay who wants so badly  to have a “R&B” male superstar (Trey is staying with Kevin) will groom Rihanna and Chris Brown into becoming the “Next Hottest Couple,”

Karrueche will start dating Drake because he loves other people’s girls…and she def can’t go home now after the lavish life she just

experienced with Breezy, and or get a reality show about doing not……..(just my thoughts)