Rihanna: Drake is a better boyfriend than Chris Brown?

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Yes! My favorite couple Aubrey Drake Graham and Rihanna Robyn Fenty are definitely giving me goosebumps… After Drake performed with Jhené Aiko at Coachella he ran right into Rihanna’s arms….. Oh and she also states that Drake is better than her past Chris Brown! .

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 Rihanna wants the world to know that she’s completely content in her new romance with Drake. She’s been praising the “From Time” rapper to all of her friends, telling them that, unlike Chris Brown, Drizzy would do anything to make her happy, according to Hollywoodlife.com.

Rihanna is feeling like he does things to make her happy and put her first, which is what Chris failed to do. Especially when he came to support Rihanna for her BFF Melissa’s B-day it meant everything to her.

Girl, EVERYONE would make a better boyfriend than Chris Brown, Drake is a better boyfriend because he can go into the matrix and morph into a girlfriend too. He can give her that good pipe and then turn in to Aubreiella and give her some advice too and they can gossip . A win, win….  I would take an “emotional” provider like drake over a mentally disturbed Chris Brown any day.

That’s why I F**ks  with Rihanna the long way. She came through such a traumatic situation even better than before. She’s human and she has never apologized for being human.

In the end you always want a man that loves you more than you love him….. It’s just better that way.. Unless you to feel the same way about each other… Which that happening now a days is rare….. Happy that Drake makes her happy, though.

  • Chris Brown

    Bitch dont say that about the sex chris brown your site sucks and rihaana go get a life

  • Venessa Thomas

    Love Rihanna!