Rihanna Close to Signing a Deal with Puma Sneakers ?

rihanna in dr

Rihanna is close to linking  a adeal with the sneaker Puma that is worth 7 figures and Puma is already building a team to work on the “lifestyle” line.

According to TheNYDailynews.com

“She is going to have her own coordinator to go to at Puma who only handles her, and they’ll have a junior coordinator helping them,” said our insider. “The focus is shoes, but she will also be helping with pants and tops.”

We’re told the contract is worth just over $1 million and will prevent the Adidas-obsessed star from wearing rivals’ brands. “She will have to slowly start to incorporate Puma into her wardrobe,” said the source. “She will be wearing all Puma gear in shoots and out and about.”


They’re saying that she’s on board, just waiting for her to confirm….  If true congrats…

2 thoughts on “Rihanna Close to Signing a Deal with Puma Sneakers ?

  1. They have been working w/ dope indie artists for a few yrs now. .it’s an
    interesting brand..they like to stay under the radar..more exclusive,
    so they’re not as mainstream as Nike and Reebok (purposely). I love what
    they did w/ Solange and the Blaze of Glory line.. I’m excited to see
    what they have in store for Rihanna.

  2. This is very smart of Puma they are way behind in the sneaker game. I haven’t worn them in years I actually forgot about them. Rihanna has a lot of influence so this should be very marketable.

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