Rihanna and Karreuche Go Back and Forth on Twitter

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Rihanna and Karreuche don’t like each other at all and they’ve been known to throw subliminal shade via twitter, well this time it has come to full blows. Chris and Karreuche are in New York so he can promote his new album and Rihanna is in LA .  Leandra one of Rihanna’s bestfriend’s posted a picture of kae tryna roast.. Then Rihanna joined in the fun, so Kae found out about it after someone tweeted it to her, then she tweeted “money can’t buy class” It was on from there.

@rihanna It’s quiet for you and yo dusty ass clapbacks!

Then Rihanna’s favorites:

@MariamFenty You can’t buy gas RT @karrueche: you can’t buy class

You can’t buy anything. RT @karrueche: you can’t buy clas

Rihanna, you got the whole world at your feet currently… Just let this  go and enjoy it girl. I think what’s making Rihanna really salty is because Chris never left Kae and played her. You can have the world at your feet and still feel empty inside. I like her music, but I’m not blinded by the facade of Rihanna. She needs to find what really makes her happy without depending on the affection of someone who doesn’t want her. Rihanna keep it cute boo.. Your better than this.

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  • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

    I agree K was the rebound chick at the end of the day so when Rihanna decided to take him back he was already in a deep situation with K. And instead of being immature about it Rihanna should have just accepted it and let him make the decision on whether he wants to be with her or with K. Because to be honest its not case fault its all Chris’s fault because to be honest he should have made his decision on who he wanted and I don’t think he can handle the fact that Rihanna is way bigger than him we have to remember to that he was WAY bigger than Rihanna and it’s like now after the whole beating incident the tables have turned rihanna is the worldwide international superstar vs him now

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  • Coffy Brown

    Elle – you said it perfectly mama!

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn


  • Venessa Thomas

    Ok….I missed this, I been tooo busy but I finna go to my twitter and check it out

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  • Gigi

    Rihanna is so stupid. Everybody keep claiming it’s something wrong with Chris it’s something wrong Rihanna too. Grow the hell up and stop playing these childish azz games. She needs to focus less on stupid shit and more on showing up on time and sober for her concerts. Invest in some damn vocal and choreography lessons. I’m just saying.

  • mb

    Really? This is so boring and old.