Rick Ross Unveils New Artwork For Mastermind Album, Shows Him Being Assassinated


Interesting cover to say the least, Rick Ross will be dropping his upcoming album Mastermind on March 4th and he unveiled the album cover for the album… And just wow!!!  Rick teamed up with renowned artist Mr. Brainwash for the deluxe cover of his sixth studio album, Mastermind. The image portrays Ross being assassinated, while an abstract set of colors blow from his head. Mastermind‘s alledged hit single featuring Ross’s former foe, Jeezy is expected to be released next week (Feb. 11).

I am all for art and creativity, but have we forgotten about what happened to him just a year ago…..?  Yeah…. Then when life truly imitates art, then what? 



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  • Coffy Brown

    Yall said it all!!!

  • Yazmar

    So does this mean he will be dead soon? Smh..he’s an idiot

  • mb

    Artwork showing you being assassinated is reckless. Rick needs to remember he has a lot of young fans.

  • Nic

    Exactly! Did they learn nothing from Tupac and Biggie?? Why would you want an image like that as your cover art?? These rappers are so lost. There are a ton of other ways to show your creativity.