RHOBH: Brandi Glanville : ‘I wanted to be molested as a child’


I see why Eddie Cibrian left her, this woman has no couth about her self.  It’s audio from Brandi Glanville’s podcast and she talked about being jealous that her sister was “felt up”, as in molested, by an authority figure whereas Brandi was not.

What an insult to people who suffered molestation as children. She completely trivialized their pain. She should have kept that to herself.

I do side eye Eddie on his questionable taste in women…The scary part is she is raising children with this type of mentality!

  • Yazmar

    This dented in face bitch is psycho

  • twanatells

    What type of sick sh*t is that to say?

  • mb

    Brandi is so reckless. She talks reckless all the time and she is killing whatever career she has.

  • Coffy Brown

    This chick is bananas – she has a pattern of diarrhea of the mouth –

  • mlmkareem

    Wow, this chick is brain dead or maybe she is playing around. Either way, its a sad day in America.

  • Venessa Thomas

    What a sick bitch!