Reality Wars: Paris Hilton Insists That Her Reality Show Was Better Than Keeping Up With The Kardashian


Look at Paris and Kim in better times, especially before the plastic Surgery on Kim’s face. She was prettier here, Anyway Paris Hilton who is signed to YMCMB is once again taking jabs at Kim Kardashian…. It’s the Aquarius in Paris, believe me I understand. Paris insists that her show the Simple Life was way better than Kim’s show stating that her show was “TIMELESS”…


In an interview with Heat magazine, she said: ‘Reality TV is a lot of hard work, and Kim has done well for herself. I don’t watch reality TV now, because I don’t have time.   ‘As far as I’m concerned, The Simple Life was the best reality TV show going, and it turned 10 years old recently. It’s timeless, iconic and you can still watch it.’ Paris – who recently finished her DJ residency in Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza – claims her busy work schedule won’t allow for a reunion with Nicole on The Simple Life. She explained: ‘They wanted us to do a 10-year reunion show recently, but Nicole and I were both too busy.’

But Paris says that her and Kim are no longer feuding with one another, which I am glad to hear but I know it burns Paris up that Kim has built a multi million dollar empire…. I picture her sitting in her house, curtains, drawn, watching reruns of her show over and over. Time to move on!


Nicole taking shots at Kim on their show and back then no one knew who Kim was then… LOL
I used to watch this show all the time back in 06/07.Nicole was my favorite because of her stoic & blunt personality!

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  • Venessa Thomas

    I did love the Simple Life. I still watch it from time to time. I bought all the seasons…I never watched Kim’s show….not hating because I actually like her, it’s just that there are soooo many Reality Shows that I watched, like Bad Girls Club ect..

  • Starstruckpress

    I agree, Simple Life was the best reality tv show of all time…I actually just rewatched all those seasons a few months ago and didn’t feel like I was watching the brady bunch

  • mb

    Ellen – You do realize the screen shots you posted at the bottom of Nicole and Paris asking “who are you” is not Kim Kardashian, but some Asian women? This is what happens when you throw jabs and yet have information wrong. Anyway, Paris needs to move on, what else would she say? Yes, Kim followed Paris blueprint, she did a better job of it and now other reality personalities want to follow Kim’s. The problem is no one is interested in Paris Hilton anymore, when was the last time she was on the cover of a magazine or tabloid?

    • Elle Brooklyn

      I do but do you know that they were subliminally talking about Kimmy Kakes at the time

  • Gigi

    Paris really set the blueprint for Kim’s career. But Paris needs to let this go.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Yes, but I understand where Paris is coming from though, it’s probably some grimey ish that happened behind the scenes that we would never know about, but she does…