R&B Singer Christopher Williams and Wife Joins RHOA Fights With Kenya Moore ?



First of all I had no idea Christopher Williams AKA don’t wake me I’m dreaming was married. Him and his wife have joined the cast of RHOA and already there is drama between him and Kenya Moore. Tension in the room was already high as several cast members had been arguing during a scene filmed yesterday at a suite in an unnamed Atlanta hotel, but it was Williams’ remarks about Moore’s shady business dealings that sparked a physical confrontation between he and Moore’s assistant, Brandon DeShazer.


I swear Kenya’s assistant stay getting beat down for her, Housewives husbands Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida attempted to separate the two, but DeShazer would not be controlled, which resulted in him being physically handled by Apollo, who is a friend of Williams. The brawl got really ugly, and we are sure it will all be played on film when the new season kicks off later this year. I remember his “Life After” and there was no mention of a wife (or his kid with Stacey Dash either ) He spent half the segment discussing his 5-minute relationship with Halle Berry but not his own wife though?

Source: HHW

  • sassy

    apparently there not legally married. He says in youtube he’s not married and never mentioned this so called wife. Most likely she is a nonfactor. Why would a husband keep a wife secret for over 12yrs. Someone is trying to hide something.

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  • Coffy Brown

    Smh, this should be interesting! Lmao – What the hell does his wife look like – I cant even google the chcik – I guess thats how much she meanS TO HIM – CANT WAIT TILL 11/3/13 FOR THE PREMIERE! yAY

  • CAliQueen

    Lol wait I had to stop reading at “Kenya’s assistant stay getting beat down” I’M DONE! LOL This season will definitely be worth watching.

  • MrsGrapevine

    This should be interesting. Can’t wait!

  • yazmar

    Christopher Williams has always been fine as hell….Can’t wait to watch

  • Venessa Thomas

    I don’t know this guy but he sure is fine!!!

    • CAliQueen

      Christopher Williams is best known for his single I’m Dreamin and for playing the role of Kareem Akbar (a gangster) along side Wesley Snipes in the movie New Jack City. He is also cousins with Al B Sure and has a son with Stacy Dash. Wow I know way too much about this man.