R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Caught New Husband Cheating, Ends Marriage ?



I knew something was up when Andrea just came out of no where with her fiance and getting married earlier this year… Well now it’s all blowing up in her face… ¬†She recently married barber Brian McKee two months ago and it appears some women have come forward to show text messages that he’s been seeing other women while with Andrea.. He’s been usuing them all to get money, bills paid and gifts… Chileeeee. Go inside to see what the Shade room had to say….


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Here is one message he sent to one girl:

No way


This dude is straight-up on some hunger games, his survival is all that matters to him. He actually asked her to do monthly. In my flavor flave voice! Wowwwww! I wouldnt give up my alimony(from a millionaire) to marry a barber. Sorry. After being married to R., I would never get married again. Get you a boothang and switch ’em out every two years.

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  1. hunger games its so real out here, i cant stand a weak ass man who uses women and play with peoples emotions

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