Queen Bey Disses Kim, ‘Refuses’ Bridesmaid Offer, Wants Nothing To Do With KimYe Wedding?


Word on the street is that Kim Kardashian has been bragging to friends about how she plans to have Queen Bey as a bridesmaid during her wedding. Unfortunately, despite Kim’s desperation, Beyonce is not having the foolishness, and is currently ignoring all calls from Kim.


According to HollywoodLife reports, Kim left one last voicemail in attempt to gain the Queen’s approval. Bey left her a voicemail in return stating that she wasn’t the least bit interested in standing next to her during the ceremony. Of course Bey will be in attendance since her hubby is Kanye’s big brother. According to reports, Beyonce thinks the Kardashian Klan is too controversial and she wants to continue to be disconnected from them publicly. Of course Kim’s camp is denying the rumors by stating that Kim hasn’t gotten that far into planning to start inviting people ( yea right! ). We all know that Kim’s main mission in life is to be pictured with Beyonce on a regular and to actually be friends with her publicly. This is the only thing Mama Kris is unable to give her and she is furious about it! Do you think Beyonce should squash the beef and play nice for Kanye’s sake?





  • EricaKane

    I don’t think that at this point in time Beyonce will let anyone in her circle. I think the last person she was cool with was Gwyneth Paltrow,I’ve not heard from them in quite some time. Kim should just go bout her merry way and continue being BFFs with black Chyna and why would she even ask Beyonce to be in her wedding, like she hasn’t learned…

    • Coffy Brown

      Beyone is like bow down bitch lmao – IM sorry I couldnt resist! lol

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye bet Beyonce attend….but being in the wedding???? Eye don’t see that b-cause she and Kim R-not friends.

  • twanatells

    Hell no Beyonce don’t have time for fake friends trying to use her to get ahead in life smh

  • KiaSoto

    Haha Its only one queen and Bey would never be a bridesmaid to KK i think Hollywood life is lying

    • mb

      @Kia – Hollywood Life is lying. This story was fabricated from Star Magazine, which is where Hollywood Life got the story. You know damn well Kim did not ask Beyonce to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. You’d think that tabloids would be more creative with the lies they report and that people would use common sense when reading this foolishness.

      • KiaSoto

        exactly and I do think when the wedding happens of course bey and jay will show up and support ye if its NOT televised

        • mb

          I agree, both will be there if it’s not on TV. Bey and Jay Z are not here for Kim K. and Kim knows this. Yet, the tabloids stay making up stories about Kim’s relationship with the Carter’s. Bottom line, Kim does not have a relationship with the Carter’s.

          • Coffy Brown

            At All!!!!!!