Prosecutor Kevin Steele Wants 13 Accusers To Testify Against Cosby

Bill Cosby was welcomed to the courthouse today in Norristown, PA with fans yelling ‘we love you,” from fans screaming and showing support, to Cosby preparing for the legal fight of his life in the hearsay case with Andrea Constand.

The 79-year old actor, comedian, and philanthropist is facing three counts of aggravated indecent assault based on Andrea Constand’s allegations and claims that he sexually assaulted her in 2004.

Newly elected Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele asked not only for the illegally recorded calls from 2005 to come into evidence but is asking the courts to allow 13 women to testify against Cosby. 

Steele ran his election campaign promising the public he would put Cosby in jail….it seems if he had enough evidence to arrest Cosby, why does he need the illegally recorded phone calls and other witnesses to try and convict Cosby???

“According to “Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws” By Robert Ellis Smith, 2002, p. 23. “Pennsylvania: Perhaps the nations strongest, Pennsylvania law forbids wiretapping or eavesdropping, even by law enforcement without the consent of both parties.”

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele argued in court today that Cosby was aware that he was being recorded during the phone call. 

Read full motion here:

See attached exhibit:

wiretap Bill Cosby


Does this really look like someone who was aware they were being recorded??? Constand lied and said it was a parrot????????

Steele also argued that Pennsylvania’s wiretap laws should not apply since Cosby was in California and Gianna Constand was in Canada when the call took place.

The trial date has been set for June 5, 2017.

The judge has delayed as to rulings on motions that were filed.

McMonagle acknowledged in court Angela Agrusa, who was present, and who also has handled Cosby’s civil cases, will seek pro hac vice admission in Montgomery County for the criminal case.

Story is still developing:





3 thoughts on “Prosecutor Kevin Steele Wants 13 Accusers To Testify Against Cosby

  1. Since the calls were recorded illegally, I don’t think that they should be brought into evidence. They also tried to use the wire tap law as a loop hole based on Cosy’s location at the time of the call, glad it didn’t work. I’m still with Mr. Cosby. PEACE!!!

  2. How can a DA “PROMISE” to put someone in jail before a trial is even held ? How much information was he privy to that he shouldn’t have been? Would he have ever been elected if he didn’t ride on the coat tail of mass hysteria? Too many questions in this whole fiasco for me to trust Bill will ever get a fair trial.

  3. I Love You Bill Cosby I’m Always Stay With You You Are Not Rapist You Are Not a Guilty I Love You Buddy My Big Brother There’s 41 Pictures Of Me And You And Also 1 Picture Of My The Cosby Show Friends. I Love You Bill 🙂 Big Hugs And Kisses Love Our High Functioning Autistic Friend One Fan Joshua Cosby

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