Prosecutor: Bill Cosby Attempt For His Due Process Rights Is Gamesmanship

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele: Bill Cosby and his legal team are responsible for the 11-year delay in his arrest.

In a new court filing, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele argued in response to the motion Cosby’s lawyers filed earlier this month seeking the dismissal of felony charges brought against the comedian in 2015 based on deprivation of Cosby’s due process rights. Cosby’s motion stated that the then District Attorney Bruce Castor rejected Andrea Constand’s allegations in 2005, claiming there was insufficient credible and admissible evidence to bring charges against Cosby.

Castor delegated investigation of the other allegations to First Assistant District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman (now Judge Ferman, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas).

Constand filed a civil lawsuit against Cosby, settles in 2006 agreeing to forever release her right to initiate a criminal complaint against Cosby in any jurisdiction in exchange for settlement money.

July 2015, after Cosby’s 2006 sealed civil lawsuit deposition was unsealed by a federal judge –the then District Attorney Risa Ferman reopened the case.

Cosby was arrested on Dec 30, 2015, one month before the 12-year statute of limitations would have expired from the 2004 Constand claims.

On Tuesday, Steele argued that Cosby used his fame and fortune to hide his crimes, and said the public release of Cosby’s deposition prompted dozens of women to come forward with accusations that mirrored Constand’s claims. Steele hopes Judge Steven T. O’Neill will let 13 of the accusers testify against Cosby to support Constand’s assault claims.

“This time he complains of pre-arrest delay. But he is an individual who has used his fame and fortune for decades to conceal his crimes and hide his true nature. He is not entitled to a dismissal now that the law has caught up with him,” Steele wrote in court documents.

“The law should not allow such gamesmanship,” Steele added.

(Gamesmanship: the art of winning games by using various ploys and tactics to gain a psychological advantage)

Cosby’s attorney said in response to the Commonwealth’s motion filed on Tuesday:

A reader need look no further than the first few sentences of the Commonwealth’s brief to see its true agenda. Civil rights, human rights, and constitutional rights are abandoned. The Commonwealth deems Mr. Cosby guilty of having “fame and fortune” that they argue he used to hide “crimes” for decades.

They do not intend to pursue a conviction against Mr. Cosby based on the one crime for which he has been charged—presumably because Ms. Constand’s allegations were previously rejected by the DA’s Office.

Instead, the Commonwealth admits that it wants to try him for 40- and 50-year-old accusations, many of which were raised for the first time in press releases and on talk shows, and that have never made their way to any courtroom or police station in this country. If our justice system is allowed to be distorted and abandoned for Mr. Cosby, none of us are safe.”

Cosby, 79, has denied all accusations and pled not guilty to three counts of felony sexual assault Cosby is facing up to 30 years and remains free on $1 million bail trial begins in June 2017.

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15 thoughts on “Prosecutor: Bill Cosby Attempt For His Due Process Rights Is Gamesmanship

  1. Great article Kia.
    D.A. Steele thinks that a black man defending his legal rights is “gamesmanship” or just playing a game. One should ask, “What kind of game D.A. Steele thinks he is playing?”
    District Attorney Steele has falsely accused Dr. Cosby of committing crimes for decades. I am wondering if Dr. Cosby can sue D.A. Steele for this incredibly malicious and false statement? Is a person allowed to sue a District Attorney for making malicious and false statements against him during a trial?
    During his campaign for District Attorney, exhibiting racist and sexist (misandrist) tendencies, Steele also attacked Dr. Cosby in a vicious and unprincipled and possibly illegal way during his campaign for District Attorney in 2015.
    What can be done about a racist and sexist (misandrist) District Attorney who repeatedly uses his position of authority to slander one of the most famous and beloved black men in American history.
    Dr. Cosby is a Navy veteran, who helped to stop racism in television by being the first Black American to star in a dramatic television series in 1965. (He was widely known as the “Jackie Robinson of Television” at this time) He has won more Grammy awards for best comedy album than any other person. He produced and starred in the highest rated television comedy series in the history of American television “The Cosby Show” (1984-1992). He was widely known as “America’s Favorite Dad” at this time.
    He attended Dr. Martin Luther King’s Funeral in 1967 and was a close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King’s wife, Coretta Scott King. He was a major participant in Jessie Jackson’s historical campaigns for president in the 1980s. These campaigns were the first serious attempts by a Black Man to win the presidency in American History and led the way for President Obama’s historical victory in 2008. He has won the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, The Prestigious Mark Twain Comedy Prize and given more concerts for charity than any other man in history.
    He has given joy to hundreds of millions of people for over 50 years in his extraordinary life. What has District Attorney Steele done to become famous except to make and promote false criminal charges against Dr. Cosby?

  2. Bill Cosby My Big Brother I’m Always Stay With You Not Allegations Womens No I’m Always Stay With You Camille And Ensa And My The Cosby Show Friends. Bill Cosby Never Rapist And Never Guilty He’s My Main Person In Me For Fans And Everyone

      1. Kevin Steele is a paid lawyer for the state. The accusers all have lawyers also. We will keep your statement in mind.

      2. “We will keep your statement in mind” This is a veiled threat from the leader of the pack. Who is “we”. Have they got a storage vault with files on you?
        Certain statements, personal data to be used tauntingly at their discretion.

        Trump will accept election results “if he wins”
        Cosby supporters will accept court verdict “if he wins”

        I see a correlation, here.

        1. Just Luci and her little army of degenerates that work hard to make themselves believe the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie.

          I think Trump is starting to accept that he has lost this race.

          1. My source, Rocky, has learned the “we team” has enlisted Russians to find those accounts you dumped. LOL

            A lot of deflection running around here, Racism, Trump, Bill Clinton, the jeopardy numbers math game of answering with a question, how old were you games, your husband doesn’t repair your house game…that was my favourite. I’m sure there are many more to come.
            Meanwhile, Cosby is busy sweating out his next motion or appeal when his last motion gets denied. But, as they say, life is just wonderful with him.

  3. I don’t think this tactic of trying to get the charges dismissed is going to work.He needs to discredit the women attacking him. This is definitely going to court in June.

    1. youre right Cosby loses state court bid to dismiss he is going to court – unless the supreme court steps in

        1. An appeal may be what it takes to extradite Dr Cosby from this rape industry blacklist he’s been drawn into. You know when the dust settles Dr Cosby will come out the victor and he will remain the icon he always was. You know Ph,D. will be written on his tombstone and not the word; ‘rapist’.
          It’s no wonder security has to escort reporters into and out of Trump rallies. They are being spat on & threatened since they began falsely reporting him to be a rapist. The contempt women who lie about rape generate extends now to the media who is reporting it. The people aren’t sheep afterall. They are beginning to understand where the problem really lies.

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