Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Desean Jackson’s Home Burglarized


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson’s home was burglarized sometime between Mon-Fri, according to ABC news in Philly.  Thieves got away with $250,000 in cash and jewelry.

It happened sometime between Monday and Friday at Jackson’s home on the 3200 block of Pietro Way in South Philadelphia.  Police also say the suspects broke into a safe and got away with a firearm.  No word on Jackson’s whereabouts at the time.  Philadelphia police continue to investigate.

Sounds like an Inside Job, I mean how were they able to get into the safe and Mon-Fri?


  • Venessa Thomas

    Inside job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coffy Brown

    Definitely sounds like someone he knew – There is just no waw – Who would know that man would be gone for that long – and get into a safe – SMH – sounds fishy to me!