Phaedra Parks is Under Federal Investigation For Racketeering?

Man, things are not looking good for Phaedra and Apollo sources are reporting that the Feds are watching now… And want to do an investigation on the attorney.

Confidential sources tell exclusively that the U.S. Attorney will grant “someone” immunity from prosecution for their testimony against local attorney and reality TV star Phaedra Parks. The source also said that Parks “will likely be prosecuted” on racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Here is the kicker: there is no statute of limitations on felony crimes that were committed years ago. The statute of limitations clock doesn’t start ticking until law enforcement becomes aware of the crimes.

This means Parks will likely be prosecuted for crimes that were alleged by author Angela Stanton in her best-selling book, Lies of a Real Housewife. Additionally, my source says prosecutors have a list of witnesses who are currently doing time in prisons who will possibly testify against Parks in return for a reduction of their sentences.

Chile, karma is coming for Phaedra….

16 thoughts on “Phaedra Parks is Under Federal Investigation For Racketeering?

  1. Wow – None o fthis is any surprise – but I have to say @CosmoBeauty hit the nail on the head!!!! For REAL!!!!! Buckhead isnt even the most prestigious neighborhodd in the ATL area – but he let her front – she wont be able to do it forever – My heart does go out to those kids though – bless their hearts!!! SMH – such a tragic mess!

  2. This shouldn’t shock anyone. I used to working in Banking, and all of those identity thief cases, there’s usually a lawyer, real estate agent or banker/mortgage broker involved. But who would do work with your husband? That’s madness.

  3. Yeeeeessss!!! Lock that ass up!! Angela Stanton been trying to tell us that Phaedra was a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Everything about Phaedra is shady. The sad part is those two cutie pie boys, who will be left in the hands of Phaedra’s mother & wacko sister and they will dress them as little girls and change their names to Jada & Mrs President.

    Can’t wait for them to investigate Peter & his dumb ass kissing wife Cynthia. If Nene and Kandi didn’t have a few coins then Greg & Todd will be under investigation too. These fake reality folks will do whatever it takes to appear rich but the FEDS and IRS ain’t playing with their asses no more. Only a loser fools take their broke tails on TV and brag about their coins. FBI & IRS have special units who sit and watch these shows to see if their coins/tax returns are matching up to what’s reported.

    1. Ole Dumb Ass Peter driving around in a new E Class Benz and bragging about purchasing the building across the street from almost foreclosed Bar One. While Cynthia opens up a bigger model agency. $$$

    2. Kandi showing off Her designer fully decorated home and her designer decorated studio. People on the streets say that Kandi was damn near broke before starting RHOA and I believe it too!! $$$

    3. Porsha ain’t got shit and won’t have shit until she realize that reading is fundamental. $ broke Barbie!

    4. Nene is on a downward slope that’s why she’s considering dancing with the stars. In hopes to revamp her tarnished image. She do have a few coins though but for how long? Only time will tell. $$

    5. Kendra is a smart Dummy. She’s damaged goods who will step on her own feet to get a head and make a coin. $$

    And last but surely not least:

    6. Phaedra & Apollo. Phaedra was seen in her very first season getting cash money from a defendant outside the courthouse. I knew she was shady then because what professional person does business in a parking lot. This season she’s showing off her new fixer upper home in Buckhead and we all how expensive the 30342 area is. Then she shows off all the Benz’s, BMW’S, and SUV’S in her drive way. We now know the vehicles were stolen. On top of that after the big fight when her husband beat the breaks off of Brandon, she told someone to hand her, her “Prada Purse.” As if that wasn’t enough her dumb ass husbands gets up and a brag about dropping $8 geez on strippers. They both deserve to be put under the jail!!! Like really??

    All these fools are under investigation as we speak! It’s not just the RHOA but all of these reality tv show Clowns. Government ain’t no punks!!! Stay tuned!!

  4. Damn that is crazzzzzzzzy – I mean there really is no surprise – It’s likely for the feds to think if he was in on it she had to have been – but she cant testify against him – so here come the snitches!!!! SMH – all of whom Im sure enjoyed some sort of kickback – SMH

  5. I can’t say that I’m surprised, as a lawyer she should can’t really plead ignorance of the law, I’m just surprised it’s just now happening.

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