Pebbles Youngest Son “Tian McKissack” Speaks Out



Pebbles son the one whom she cheated on LA with and had is speaking out we touched on it here in case you missed it!, But now he is speaking his peace and confirming that is indeed his mother and that they are not close at all. It wasn’t like she was a scared teenager when she had him…How do you just not raise your son?? So what you had an affair and he was born. She’s trash if this is really her son. Anyway peep what he had to say inside.

He says:

“She [Pebbles] came to my 10th birthday party … that’s about it. But we did have frequent phone conversations, so I’ve known her all my life.“
Sebastian ‘Tian’ McKissack, an Oakland tattoo artist, exclusively tells HSK a little about his late father; the person who acted as his mother, during his comfortable upbringing; and the current state of his relationship with his biological mother, who he refers to simply as ‘Perri’.
”I was raised by my grandmother (Perri’s mom). I was well taken care of, I wasn’t poor. My dad was present often. My mom? Not so much.”
Here’s what Tian McKissack reveals: “I was born and raised in San Diego, but I live in Oakland now — with my wife and son. My father wasn’t a drug dealer, he was a pediatrician. He passed away last year.
I never spoke with her [Pebbles’] other children until I went to Atlanta with my grandmother to visit them … but I wasn’t presented as Perri’s son, I was presented as a cousin. Me and Ashley got kinda close during those days. I was there and we kept in contact, since I explained the real story to her. Aaron? No.. he dislikes me to this day, but I could give a shit.”

This doesn’t make any sense, she had already had two other children. Were they too young to realize that mommy was pregnant but the child is not around? No adult saw her pregnant during that time and wondered what the hell happened?

She had LA Reid and “Mercedes boy” money by that time. How could she not provide a home for this child like the other two?

Either the milk ain’t clean or Pebbles is one low down piece of ish..


  • aloria

    I don’t have any respect for chilli are pebbles on the show she had an abortion and she went lay with dallas austin again and had another baby and if its tru about her sleeping with la reid shame on u and what I read about pebbles being on the st reetu ccan’t talk to much either

  • aloria

    Well it sounds like pebbles ha ve a past life that nobody knows about shame on u

  • Coffy Brown

    that is one grimy ass bitch!

  • Y@zmar

    He’s cute, and Pebble ain’t shit, bottom line

  • Venessa Thomas

    Pebbles is trash!!

  • MB

    This story has never added up to me. If it doesn’t make sense, it is not true. Isn’t this young man supposed to be younger than Aaron? If so, then Ashley & Aaron didn’t see their mom carrying a baby for 9 months? Another story was that LA Reid’s name is own the birth certificate of this young man, if that’s case why hide the baby? When this young man was born Pebbles was already a star, so why hide a baby? Again, this story doesn’t add up!

    • Angel Firststreet Campbell

      somethings not adding up

      • Kia Soto