Pebbles AKA Perri Reid Has A Disdain For Chilli Because She Caught Her “Allegedly” In Bed With LA ?



With the Movie of TLC coming out today, I thought it would be fitting to find out some background Tea on Sister Perri and what I found would make your mouth drop, it will explain why she was so ruthless, especially back in the days of TLC. See she was taught well. Pebbles mentioned in an interview how one of her older boyfriends taught her the ropes she didn’t say any names and kept it vague, but you kind of  sensed  what she was alluding to. She was turned out from the streets. Pebbles just needs to write a book about her life because it is very interesting… Did you know she has “THREE” children? We know of her daughter and Aaron with LA Ried, but there is on that she never talks about.. His name is Tian.. Short for sebastian Mckissack.

Pebbles loved the streets, she loved it so much that she was a prostitute before she became a star in Oakland, people are speculating that her son is from someone other than LA, but we will never know they are even claiming that it could be Prince’s son… Read the comments when you click so much drama… …  Apparently she cheated on LA with her off and on lover at the time for many years Joe Broadnax, from north oakland. He was a big time dope dealer back then and she reconnected with him and made Tian… But she tried to give LA the credit.


But before that she used to date George Smith they met in 1985 and immediately started an affair with each other while George was still married to his wife Darlene who was terminally ill with cancer. Pebbles and George had a very high-profiled affair which publicly humiliated his family. George Smith was paying all of Pebbles’ bills and staying at the apartment he set up for her. too.. She had not one care in the world.

George Smith’s secretary told his wife about the affair with Pebbles and he still continued to sleep with her. George would leave his office early and stay at Pebbles apartment until wee hours in the morning. It appeared that he felt nothing for his ailing wife. Pebbles moved in with George the night his wife died. Pebbles and George were married the next month which devastated his young daughter. George gave Pebbles the $150,000 ring, furs, money and all of the dead wife’s valuables including her brand new Bentley. George Smith put Pebbles on his payroll at Smith Engineering & Contract Services and she never put in a day’s work or even showed up at the office. He totally neglected his young daughter. George Smith was twenty two years older than Pebbles at the time! Pebbles met L.A. Reid and had an affair with him while still married to George. She eventually left George Smith for Antonio L.A. Reid and that is how she got her record deal.

Where is George now, he eventually went bankrupt and never reached the level of success he had pre-Pebbles. He still lives in the Bay Area and is doing okay financially by a normal persons’ standards.

Pebbles’ claim she found LA in her bedroom with Chilli from TLC, that was when the rift between the two began.. Even though Chilli denies this till this day, but why do they have a contract with LA now ? Kinda weird isn’t it. Nevertheless thanks to her ties her past has been able to be erased. I think tonight will give you a true insight of how she really is and how grimey she is.. Chile she is now married to an attorney who went to Morehouse.. I think he is a youngster… Anyway read the rest over at Here…  Even though this was an old story no cared then, but now is a different story..


Rhymes With Stitch!

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  • Tian Mckissack

    This is Tian. Im ready to tell my story, My mom wasnt or isnt anything like shes potryaed. Shes a really nice person. A beautiful woman inside and out. LA isnt my dad and Joe definitely isnt my dad. My dads name is Ross “Chico” Vasquez. He was a computer tech until he died last October in a car accident. Mom was in deep depression when she had me, thats why I lived with her mom and Older brother.. my life is amazing and shes in it. Ive never been a secret. Mom also had a baby girl in 09′ with my dad. Her name is Kimora.

    • kimmie lucinia

      Peebles has another kid?? that little girl is gorgeous.

  • Coffy Brown

    Pebbles is one shady bitch! She did those girls wrong and Karma came back to bite her in the fuckin ass ! No bitch, dont nobody wanna ride iin your Mercedes –

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  • twanatells

    I think Pebbles is lying she’s trying to justify why she treated them so horrible.

  • MB

    The constant rumor about Pebbles having a third child never made sense to me. I understood that LA Reid’s name is on the birth certificate, so if this is the case why hide the 3rd child? Again, Pebbles was scandalous, therefore, it is easy to make up stories about her. That 3rd child rumor needs more people. I do believe that LA Reid & Chilli rumor.

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  • MrsGrapevine

    That explains why she hated Chilli so much. I don’t know why Chilli would admit to an abortion, but not an affair. Pebbles is delirious, and I don’t care what she says, she was older and should have had those girls’ best interest in mind.

  • Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    Pebbles is a mess honey…smh.

  • Yazmar

    Isn’t LA GAY?? Excuse me, Bi?

  • Gigi

    Wow all this is totally believable I can’t wait to see the TLC movie tonight.

  • Venessa Thomas

    eye heard Chilli had slept with LA Reid