Paula Deen’s Life After Scandal, Trying to Get Her Name Back

paula dean

Paula Deen is talking about life after being video taped telling insensitive jokes and claims of wanting black slaves last year, she lost all sorts of deals, The Food Network dropped her and even Walmart ended their relationship with the celebrity chef.

Paula talks about how she was at her lowest point in life and that she struggled to get out of bed, She tells People Magazine: “When I woke up each morning, it was like my world was crashing down again.”

Nearly nine months later, she is now hoping to reboot her business with a new company funded by a $75 million deal with private investment firm Najafi Companies.

“I’m fighting to get my name back,” says Deen, who adds that weathering the scandal involved facing her “greatest fear.”

“I used to have dreams that I lost everything,” she says. “And when it finally happens, you think, ‘I’m still alive.’ “

  • Coffy Brown

    Ive always had a love for her, even if it doesnt extend outside of her brand – This whole shit is just messy – and we’ve all said insensitive things to people at one tim ni our life that may not have seemed dispariging to us but to other it is – I hope she makes a comeback the lady can cook and that’s what I love about her – all that other shit is just other shit! folks who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones –

  • mb

    Paula will make a comeback. Believe it or not, she has a lot of supporters.

  • cottenkandi

    Never been a supporter so I won’t start now.

  • Nicola Gossips

    Whatevs. People have come back from doing worse.

  • Venessa Thomas

    People leave this chick alone….that’s ancient history