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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Features BEYONCÉ’S Personal Fashion Collection


For the first time ever Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is featuring items from BEYONCÉ’S personal collection. The exhibit will open on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 and be located in the Ahmet Ertegun Main Exhibit Hall in Legends of Rock, her pieces will be next to iconic pieces from Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen.

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Video: Floyd Mayweather Feels He is Being Racially Profiled After Being Questioned About Justin Bieber and Their Friendship


Floyd Mayweather isn’t feeling this reporter questioning his relationship with Justin Bieber….. While being interviewed about his upcoming fight, the reporter just randomly asked him about his friendship with Bugatti Biebz, being that Floyd is like 40 or almost and Justin is 20…. ? But, Clearly this fool doesn’t know what racial profiling is.

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Racist Casting Call For Movie “Straight Out Of Compton” They Want a Beyonce Prototype ?


It appears to be a bit of controversy going on with the new movie Straight out of Compton that is being produced and directed by F. Gary Gray, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre… Let’s just say this is the most ignorant thing I have seen to date…They have a list that you have to go by and the way they  are describing darker women being D list and out of shape while to be A list,  you had to be of Light skin or other race with banging bodies.. No shade, but it is shade… The worst racism is subtle.

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Iggy Azalea’s Baller Boo Basically Confirms That She Was Bothered By Nicki Minaj’s Speech


Iggy Azalea’s baller boo Nick Young is coming to her defense after the whole Nicki Minaj shade….  Nicki dedicated her whole speech to Iggy at the BET Awards and even though she has denied it…….. We all knew who it was for… Anyway, Nick Young says that it is, what it is and that he had to deal with the aftermath..

I want to say that he is  trying to play the Nicki is  jealous of iggy success card. But even Vanilla Ice had a number one song.

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Linda Perry Talk Beyonce’s Songwriting Skills


Linda Perry is an industry vet, she has worked with everyone who is anyone in this industry she is a well-respected songwriter/producer with a long history in the biz and the publishing to back up a huge catalog of hits. She wrote or produced for Christina Aguilera, Pink, Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, etc, etc, etc., so when promoting her new show on VH1, Make or Break, songwriter (and 4 Non Blondes frontwoman) was questioning Beyoncé and other’s songwriting kills.
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Rihanna Comes For Wendy Williams For Saying That She Is Not Girlfriend Material

wendy williams

Rihanna is letting Wendy Williams know that she doesn’t CURR! what she thinks… Wendy came for Rihanna, stating that she was not girlfriend material….

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Watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Fight Footage

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.50.58 AM

We told you yesterday that Joseline got into a fight with Tammy, Waka’s mom Deb, Althea and Bambi……. Well, Hello Beautiful caught footage.. Lord it is nothing but pure drama…

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New Music – No Flex Zone Remix Featuring Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj hopped on my song of the summer to Rae Sremmurd’s anthem “No Flex Zone.” Over the Mike WiLL Made-It production, the reigning rap queen boasts about her status.
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Lil Wayne and Christina Milian Coupled Up at Espy’s, But He’s Still Engaged To Dhea ?


The thirst of Christina Milian to be relevant is too real…. Last night they were caught being all coy and causal for the cameras, but we all know what’s going on…  You know what’s funny, this was bound to happen. See  Christina is a social climber and she needs to deal with whoever is going to make it happen for her….  Throwback to when she was with Dre who was a producer, then she dropped dre and went straight to The Dream…… You see how that turned out ? And we have Jas Prince….. He’s the one who got her that deal with Cash Money, so it makes logical sense that now she is smashing the boss Weezy, but there is one thing… He is very much still with his fiance Dhea….

Christina Milian’s puss has been passed around in the industry more than the bread at the last supper. I know her poor walls stay distressed..

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RHOA Apollo is not in jail yet, spotted partying at a Strip Club


RHOA Cast-mate Apollo was recently sentenced to 8 years in prison it appears he is still a free man for now, the reality star was spotted out partying at a BLUE FLAME strip club in Atlanta last night July 16, 2014. Our friends over at WORDONTHESTREETZ has the exclusive photos and SCOOP!

Chris Brown And Blake Griffin ties up Drake #Espys


After all the hilarious jokes the players finally kidnapped and tied Drake up, how ironic that Chris Brown helped. The Espys this year was absolutely hysterical, Drake did an awesome job. Whats your favorite part from the Espys? Read the rest of this entry »

Skylar Diggins Kisses Drake at The Espys


Drake did an excellent job hosting the Espys but he really got to see stars when Skylar Diggins kissed him...on his forehead.