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Man Kills A Mother of Three in Detroit because she wasn’t interested in him!



After leaving a funeral and celebrating someone’s life, Mary “Unique” Spears’ was killed by a man who clearly is a monster, and can not handle rejection.  According to reports the mother of three life was taking because she said no, to a stranger asking for her name and number. Read the rest of this entry »

Yung Berg Wants Hazel E to Know


This is sad when you let a has been who has now become a producer play you in front of the world…  All this talking he’s doing, but he still slept with her though!
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Walmart Cuts Health Insurance For Thousands of Workers


Meet the Waltons heirs to Sam Walton’s Wal-Mart fortune, america’s largest employer, announced that it will stop providing health insurance for around 30,000 part time workers, in order to cut costs. They are worth collectively over $140 BILLION dollars, so if they wanted to help and pitch in for health care cost for their workers, they could… Instead they are taking away coverage and selling it back to them.
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Amber Rose Speaks on Losing Wiz Khalifa, “Feels Like My Best Friend Died”


Amber Rose seems to be feeling the effects of losing her husband Wiz, she shared her pain with Social Media and it was pretty touching….

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Stripper Life: Jhonni Blaze Clears Up Rumors About Her Situation with Drake. (Audio)

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.16.53 AM

I heard about this yesterday, but I’m just deciding to post it today because she actually thought she would be the exception… Remember when Jhonni Blaze was trying to come for Keyshia Cole in regards to her messing with her husband Boobie at the time.

Well now she is back again and this time for being played by Drake. This is why men need to be careful with who they sleep with. A mess everywhere, Don’t let your love for the professional ass clappers get you caught up with the wrong broad.

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Jay Z’s one time friend Larry Johnson Arrested



Look at life and how it can deal you a bad hand if you’re up to no good, Jay Z’s one time friend/roommate Larry Johnson was arrested in Miami after attacking one of his male friends. Where is Jay Z when you need him ?

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Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy Feels Erykah Badu is his Muse in new Interview With Paper Magazine


Erykah Badu, who became the face of Givenchy for their spring 2014 collection is posing with HNIC Riccardo Tisci for PAPER Magazine. Erykah also sings Rihanna’s praises for bridging the gap between music and fashion… Love when black women can compliment one another, check out some excerpts inside.
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The ANCYL in Capetown wants Nicki Minaj to give back their Money


I wonder who Nicki Minaj pissed off, because she’s been getting alot of flack lately, a youth league wants Nicki Minaj to pay back the money she received for her planned performance at a festival in Capetown, SA. It appears that they canceled due to low ticket sales.
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Glowing Kelly Rowland Pose Nude for Elle Magazine


Kelly Rowland is looking so beautiful and pregnant for her new photo shoot for Elle Magazine, she’s weeks away from giving birth to her son with husband Tim Witherspoon. A beaming Kelly poses completely nude in one of the gorgeous photos, shot by Lance Gross.
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7th Heaven dad Stephen Collins confesses to being a Child Molester


The guy who played the dad on 7th Heaven has confessed to being a child molester, Stephen Collins who played the pastor/dad told his estranged wife he was a child molester, and it’s all on tape .. Now the NYPD is now conducting an active criminal investigation involving sexual contact with multiple children. This is sad and it just shows how sick Hollywood is…  His wife is lame for just coming out with this information now that she is filing for divorce, I used to love that show.
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Thoughts, Wiz Khalifa’s new hair color?

This is a bit drastic for a male rapper to color his hair purple and I hope this does not start a trend, like the skinny jeans did in the urban culture! But what’s your thoughts on Wiz Khalifa’s purple hair color? He looks like a reindeer also.  Read the rest of this entry »

Kimora Lee Simmons Pregnant With Fourth Child

kimora lees new man

A congratulations is in order for the Fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons and her banker husbandTim Leissner, she is expecting her fourth child.
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