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Vladmir Putin Slams Obama, Calls out the West on Their Double Standards


I love this guy you know why, because he gives no ###’s about speaking his mind and he dares you to say otherwise, if you’ve been under a rock then you should know that Russia is in some sort of beef with the Ukraine and they are trying to take over.

Putin addresses the Federal Assembly, including State Duma deputies, members of the Federation Council, regional governors and civil society representatives, at the Kremlin. This where he decided to say what was on his heart in regards to the United States of America and how they like to mind everyone else’s business, except for their own.

Putin gives me Patti Labelle teas, just READING effortlessly..Obama can’t keep up

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Pharrell Shouts out Grandmother Battling Cancer on Instagram


Pharrell is that guy, Betty Simpson who is eighty years old and battling cancer has become an Instagram darling  after her great-grandson Zack Belden created the account for her in order for people to show her some love during her battle.

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Jennifer Lopez Announces Album Release Date, New Duet with Maxwell

jennifer lopez movilJennifer Lopez has set a release date for her 10th album, even though the album doesn’t have a title, but her album is set to arrive in stores July 17th.Jennifer announced on Maine’s Hot 104.7.
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Phil Jackson becomes New York Knicks new president


According to ESPN Phil Jackson is now the president of the NY Knicks. Will Phil Jackson be the magic that Knicks needs to have a championship? Jackson, says he looks forward to delivering a winner to New York. Read the rest of this entry »

Did Future Write Drunk In Love For Beyonce, ?


Future debuted a song at SXSW called Good Morning and it sounds a lot like Drunk In Love.  It was produced by Detail, one of the guys behind “Drunk in Love,” and was recorded for Future’s upcoming album Honest, but ultimately cut from the track list.

The songs have a lot in common: They’re about being so in love that you’re super, super horny, and notably both have the characteristically Future so-childlike-it’s-really-deep lyric: “We be all night.” Beyonce is listed as a writer along with Jay-z, detail, and others. Future is not listed as a writer..

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Rick Ross and Kanye West Get Emoji’d For Sanctified Video


Vimeo user Jesse Hill created an animated gesture to Rick Ross, Kanye West and Big Sean’s “Sanctified.” Hill even adds a few photos of West and Kim Kardashian for good measure… Really cute
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New Music Conrad “Committed”

Here is new music from rapper  Conrad,  “Committed”… Conrad is associated with a music group and movement called  Champagne Gang, he doesn’t put a limit on his success, Conrad is trying to be a force to be reckoned with……. Check it out above…


Music video by Conrad Champgane Gang performing Committed. © 2014 Champgane Gang


Watch NeNe Leakes Make Her Debut on Dancing With The Stars

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 6.08.36 AM

NeNe Leakes made her debut on DWTS last night doing the Cha, Cha and she did well, I must give her credit where it’s due..She looked husky as hell but she wasn’t bad.

She is giving me Muppet teas with those teeth though anyway check out NeNe strutting her stuff inside.

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Former Basketball Wives Star Eric Williams Facing Jail Time For Back Child Support


Apparently Child Support services have been looking for Eric Williams and now they have found him in New Jersey, he owes $24k in back child support for his 13 year old son.  He blew off a court ordered to pay up and then went Missing in action.

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Who Knew Petey Pablo Was Released From Jail ?


I guess no one truly cared since the hood’s savior Boosie was being released, can you believe that Petey Pablo was released from prison last Thursday ?  He was arrested back in 2010 fter he was found to have a gun in his carry-on luggage at a security check at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. He was eventually charged and served a 35 month bid.
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Kanye West receives two years probation in paparazzi attack

kanye west

Kanye West has struck a plea deal in paparazzi attack last year, his lawyersntered a no contest plea Monday on behalf of the rapper to a misdemeanor count of battery. A no contest plea is treated as you pleading guilty.

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Chris Brown Sentenced to a Month in Jail

chris brown

Well it looks like Chris will be in the slammer for at least a month and some change, the judge shut down his plea to get bail. Chris was ordered back to jail after breaking some rules after the rehab facility kicked him out.

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Mona Scott Young Responds To Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Gig-It Launch Party

I see Mona Scott is taking this as a joke, exactly one week after being hit with a $50 Million dollar lawsuit she is breaking her silence on the matter and explaining the drama behind stealing the LHH idea!

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Master P Tells Estranged Wife to get Drug Tested, Romeo Comes to His Defense


Last week news came out about Master P’s wife living on welfare and living their adult son Romeo and not understanding that how can a man that she has been with for 20 years and helped build his No Limit empire could leave her like this… Well he has a rebuttle for her…. Percy Miller wants her to take a drug test……

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Video: Dame Dash Goes Off on The New York Daily News, Calls Them Racist!


Dame Dash went up against the New York Daily News when he left court over an ex girlfriend , Linda Williams, who is suing him for having her falsely arrested back in 2009 in a bitter child custody battle of their oldest son.  Dash went on a rant against reporters for being “racist” outside of a New York court house.

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