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One More Time: Tyga Feels That White Families Stick Together and Black Families Don’t Because The Women Don’t Have Good Role Models…

This deserved it’s own story because not only was he bashing his whole crew that put him on, he even goes in to talk about black families and how they don’t stick together, but white families do..This is the same interview from vibe…. . This would explain him being around the Kardashian Klan….  He also says that Black Women don’t have any good role models… Didnt he leave Chyna to be with a barely legal girl? What is he talking about?

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Dear Rick Ross, Can I Have My Red Bottoms Back?


I’m cacklin so hard right now after reading this groupie tale on Balleralert…… Apparently this girl had a one night stand with Rick Ross and when she left his hotel room, she forgot her red bottoms and when she tried to call him for them, he wouldn’t answer the phone…. She talks about his size and how his sex game was wack.. But she concludes her story by saying at least she got a Ciroc bottle out of the deal….. Check her story inside.

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YMCMB’s Own Tyga Calls Drake Fake and Claims He Doesn’t Get Along With Nicki Minaj


This is awkward, Tyga is going into full attack mode now after claiming that he will not be with his label YMCMB for long… In a new interview with Vibe Magazine he goes in on his label mates Nicki Minaj and Drake and says he is distancing himself from them.. Check out some excerpts inside.

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Amber Rose Arrested For Meth Possesion and Punching Toddler in the Face


LOL, I bet you thought it was the real Amber Rose too ? Nope, it’s some chic out of Wichita, Kansas …  My fave “WOULD NEVER!”

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Tina Knowles Backing That Thang up on Jaime Foxx While on Stage

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.06.50 AM

The Angel Ball took place in New York the other night and video has surfaced of Ms. Tina Knowles getting her dance on with Jaime Foxx and looking like she was enjoying herself….. Check out the video inside. Can you say “SLAY A BIT!”

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Well….. Transgender Woman Comes Forward, Claims She Had a Fling with Chris Brown ….


I guess this is becoming the new trend, once these artist sleep with T-girl’s they come forward to put them on blast. A transsexual girl for hire is claiming she spent the weekend a Chris Brown’s house in Virginia and promises to spill the tea in an upcoming interview… Judging by her post and tweets, this may have been an ongoing situation….
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Kris Jenner Speaks About Kylie and Tyga’s Relationship, Tells Everyone to “KEEP CALM!”


Everyone has been wondering what are Kris and Bruce’s views on their youngest daughter who just turned 17, dating rapper Tyga who’s 24… Kris is now asking everyone to keep calm because they are no more than friends and couldn’t possibly be dating. Kris Jenner, who is promoting her new cookbook, In The Kitchen With Kris, tells On Air With Ryan Seacrest, “
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Kanye West Message to Kim Kardashian For Her Birthday

Kim and Kanye

Yesterday was Kim Kardashian’s birthday and as usual her family gave her a shout out and showed pictures of Kim and gave her lots of love… We’ll Kanye gave her a shout out for her birthday, telling her thanks for being a dope wife and mother… Check out his sweet message inside….. Fun Fact, you know Kim and Amber Rose share the same birthday….

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FSU’s Halftime Show Pays Tribute to Beyonce’ With Their Rendition of Single Ladies


FSU gave Beyonce’ the biggest tribute during their halftime show, they were playing against Notre Dame and Florida State University’s marching band performed a flawless rendition of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” Watch the video below!
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Mac Miller Signs his Label With Warner Bros. For Up to $10 Million Dollars


Mac Miller has signed with Warner Bros. The deal, according to a source, is rumored to be worth some $10 million dollars and he’s been out for a while and hasn’t been signed to “ANY” label.
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The First Annual Instagram Awards in Atlanta…. Benzino For LHHATL Needs The Women of Atlanta to Represent!


This is just ridiculous, there will be an Instagram Awards show going on in Atlanta soon and Benzino is looking to cast some Eye Candy for the show.. I wonder if IG knows he’s even doing this…? Check out his Craigslist ad inside.
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Tyrese Responds to him Giving Head For Lead Role of Baby Boy, Tells Spanky His Career is Over!!


Tyrese has heard the call from earlier today when Spanky of Nick Cannon’s Wild’n out called out Tyrese for giving fallatio to get the role of the hood classic Baby Boy.. He posted the video via Facebook…. He explains everything on how he got the role, to who the role was truly intended for… He even emphasis that he didn’t do anything to compromise his sexuality or spirituality to get to where he is…

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