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Wu Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer Attempts Suicide Castrates Himself


Was life that bad?  Rapper who is affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday after he cut off his penis and then jumped off a second story balcony in what police believe is a suicide attempt.

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Has Kanye West Picked His Wedding Suit Designer?

kanye west

I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know who Kim and Kanye will pick to design their outfits for their upcoming nuptials. Kim and Kanye are in Paris and she has met with several designer’s since their trip.. So who will design Ye’s suit for his special day?

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Eve and Fiance Maximillion Cooper To Marry In Spain


Rapper Eve and Fiance Maximillion Cooper are planning a summer wedding in Spain, the couple who has been dating since 2009 may host their nuptials at Blue Marlin megaclub in Ibiza.

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Chile…. Mimi & Nikko’s Sex Tape gets a Release Date

Mimi-Nikko-Sex-TapeI am so disappointed in Mimi, apparently Nikko and Mimi sold their sex tape to Vivid Entertainment for $100k and now it has a release date.

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Kandi & Todd Are Trying To Have Children, Talks Pre-Nup Drama & Fantasia’s Wedding Speech


Well Mr. & Mrs. Rucker are looking to now have children after tying the knot earlier this month, Kandi is opening up and talking about being ready to expand her family with her new husband.

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Chris Brown’s Mug Shot Leak On Line

chris brown

Chris Brown’s Mug Shot leaks on line as the trial for his bodyguard is about to start, Chris Hornsby who was involved with the fight in DC back in October for assaulting a male fan who attempted to photo-bomb Chris who was taking a picture with two women.

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Laugh Of The Day: Nelly Takes It Back To 3rd Grade For A Second!


I don’t what to think of Nelly right now, somebody please get him a glass of water, because it seems like he doesn’t know what do with himself since, both of his women have moved on…. LOL!

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Nas music documentary ‘Time is Illmatic’ premieres opening night at Tribeca Film Festival

nas tribeca

The 13th Tribeca Film Festival kicked off last night Wednesday April 16, 2014 with Nas documentary Time is Illmatic, directed by multimedia artist and first-time director One9.

When asked about “Time is Illmatic” Nas said “It was hard,” “But I’m happy I did. I’m forever grateful.” One of the greatest rap genius, is the son of a jazz musician. He has a recommendation for all those up-and-comers.  “With music, we come and go, right? You know, you’re here, you’re hot one day. The next day, nobody remembers you. You’re corny, right?” Nas said. “So I wanted to stick around for a while, and by trying to stick around for a while, you’d be surprised what happens. And that’s my advice to a lot of young guys.”


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Scandal’s Columbus Short Accused of Threatneing His Wife With Murder/Suicide


Welp, I guess Harrison will be dead next season because it seems like Columbus Short is sabotaging his career, apparently he thought it was a great idea to  put a knife to his wife’s throat last week and threatened to kill her and himself.

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British Model Jordan Dunn Is The New Face of Maybeline


A congratulations is in order for British Model Jordan Dunn, she just revealed that she just landed a contract with Maybeline cosmetics.  which puts her in the same class as Christy Turlington, Emily DiDonato and Julia Stegner.  I am happy for her. Making moves. For a while it seem like Jessica White was the only black model for them, but it wouldn’t hurt them to have two black beauties. This “There can be only one” BS is getting old.

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Kanye West & Common Give Back, Creating 20,000 Jobs For The Unemployed In Chicago


Kanye West and Common will team up in aiding the Chicago youth, to create 20,000 jobs for the city’s unemployed. The rap duo will deal with their respective charities – Donda’s House Inc. and the Common Ground Foundation – campaigning to help the city’s unemployed. They will be working with the Chicago Urban League, which is an organization focused on building strong African American communities.

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Porsha Williams Charged with Assault, Wanted by the Police!

Kenya RHOA fight with Porsha

Kenya Moore filed a police report against Porsha Williams after the recent fight on the set of the RHOA reunion episode, after Porsha allegedly  attacked Kenya.  Bravo has footage showing exactly what happened and clearly it was enough to charge Porsha with misdemeanor battery, and a warrant was issued. Porsha’s attorney, Joe Habachy, says she will surrender Thursday.

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Forbes “Lie” Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artist 2014


Diddy the mouth breather takes the top spot for Forbes annual Hip Hop’s wealthiest artist for 2014, they are saying that he is close to the Billion dollar mark with an increase of $120 Million…  I guess with Revolt T.V. that added more to his stock…. Check out the rest of the list inside.

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Katy Perry #Phucking For Tracks With Diplo ?


Well things got pretty interesting at Coachella with Diplo and Katy Perry over the weekend, but just last week her and Riff Raff were on a date as well and he captioned, “don’t let her butt fool you!” I guess this is her officially moving on from John Mayer…. So, expect her album to have that EDM feel to it……

I guess she took a page out of Rita Ora’s book… I’m not mad tho Katy!

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Jay Z’s “Budweiser Made In America Festival” Will Be in Los Angeles & Philly


Hello LA? Looks like Jay Z’s “Budweiser Made In America Festival” will be Los Angeles this year as well as Philly, expanding the event to both coast and will run simultaneously on both coasts. Performances from both “Budweiser Made In America” sites will be available for fans to view with live-streaming. Jay Z and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a two-day Budweiser Made In America festival scheduled to take place Labor Day weekend in the city’s Grand Park.

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