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Eminem Raps About Wanting to Rape Iggy Azaela


Eminem is back in the news again after talking about punching Lana Del Ray in the face .. Now he’s coming for Iggy in a new song..
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Monica Brown Changes Career Paths, Becomes a Nurse….?

monica and  shannon brown

Monica Brown has been quiet for a minute supporting her husband Shannon Brown who now plays for the Miami Heat.. She has confirmed via instagram that she is pursuing another career and it’s in the medical field…

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New Music: Beyoncé – 7/11 “Snippet”


Beyoncé is getting ready to drop her platinum edition box set of her self titled album in five days and so in honor of that, she dropped a 30-second snippet of a song called “7/11″. On the ratchet R&B banger, Queen Bey puts her foot down and her hands up.
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Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler Was Born a MAN




WAIT A MINUTE……Not only is she a cougar she was born a boy!!! One of Michael Phelps’ self-proclaimed girlfriend who he met on TINDER.com Taylor Lianne Chandler has recently revealed she was born a male whose name is David Roy Fitch. Read the rest of this entry »

Toronto Raptors’ Emotional Tribute To Vince Carter Brought Him To Tears

vince carter

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Vince Carter hasn’t always received warm welcomes when returning to Air Canada Centre after being traded in 2004-2005 by the Toronto Raptors, however tonight was very different. Toronto Raptors celebrated their 20th anniversary, and showed a gracious video tribute  to former Raptors star player Vince Carter who was the greatest player to play for the franchise.  Read the rest of this entry »

Raven Symone Comes to Bill Cosby’s Defense: “I Was Not Taken Advantage Of”


Raven Symone is coming to Bill Cosby’s defense after numerous women are coming out stating that he took advantage of them and raped them… As you know she played Olivia on The Cosby show when she was at least 4 or 5 and she’s never had anything bad to say about Bill Cosby whatsoever, so it’s only natural that she’s coming to his defense…..

The reason for her coming forward is because,  people are now questioning if he’s ever tried anything with his onscreen children and Raven is here to set the record straight…..

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Kris Jenner’s New Man Corey Gamble Is A Fame Hungry Stalker Looking For A Come Up Claims His Ex


Is Kris Jenner’s new man bad news and or looking for a come up?  According to his ex-girlfriend reality star Sheree Buchanan he is. The Atlanta Exes reality star recently sat down with In Touch  magazine and shared her thoughts on her ex Corey Gamble. Read the rest of this entry »

Shade or Nah: Kim Kardashian Recreate Solange’s Wedding Picture

KIm Kardashian West gq 2


Kim Kardashian and her family truly tries way to hard and clearly they are in some sort of secret competition with the Knowles Carter clan…. After Solange wedding pictures were released by Vogue and it showed Beyonce, Solange, Miss Tina and the entire wedding party in an epic pose in like an abandoned loft…

Everyone was talking about how great and epic it looked.. The slayage was real.. I think Kim is just upset that she wasn’t invited and that no matter how hard she tries, she will never be in the circle! So she decided to do a picture of her own to get people talking.. And it worked.

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Erica Mena and Bow Wow Set Their Wedding Date


It’s officially on, since confirming that they are together and engaged Erica and Bow Wow have been consistent  with showing their PDA’s and wanting to make a life together. …  Well Bow Wow announced that he and his lady love have confirmed a wedding date via Instagram.

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FKA Twigs Says Dating Robert Pattinson Is ‘Very Worth It’ The Hate & Racism


twig loves attention

It seems like nothing brings out racism more than an extremely hot white guy going out with a non white girl….Since dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs has received lots of hate and racism,

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Eight Signs a “Friend” Is a Social Climber


This is hilarious and it’s not uncommon that people learn that “friends” are not who they appear to be. Instead, they’re social climbers who utilizes friendships to enhance their own status. When I read this list a few people came to mind……
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Josie Harris Talks Life With Floyd Mayweather: ‘I was a battered woman'; His Son Koraun Calls him a Coward!


Josie Harris is the mother of Floyd Mayweather’s three children and in an interview with MSN she talks about her prior life when she was with Floyd and how she was a battered woman and that Floyd sees his relationship with women as an ownership… She also let her son Koraun be apart of the interview  and he talks about not wanting anything to do with his father:

“We just hang out. We either watch a movie or something or go bowling,” he said. “I find (boxing) boring. It is just like how people sit in the ring and fight for 12 rounds and it gets boring after a while. Sometimes they run.”

Koraun says recalling the attack on his mother still makes him angry, yet the most difficult part to cope with has been Mayweather’s refusal to admit to his actions.

“He is a coward,” Koraun said, and he hugged his mom.

Josie talks about Floyd picking out her clothes  he wanted her to wear during their relationship, would routinely scan her cell phone to see who she was talking to and convinced her that he was “my only friend.”

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