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Stacey Dash Supports Bill Cosby, describes him as a father figure and a perfect gentleman

Stacery dashstacey dash

Actress Stacey Dash appeared on the Meredith Show today,  the actress shared her thoughts about Bill Cosby and her experience when she worked with him. Dash worked with Bill Cosby in the 80’s and describe him as a mentor, gentleman and father figure.  Take a look at the video now: Read the rest of this entry »

A$AP Yams Dead at 26

asap yams


Sad news in the hip hop community this morning, founding member A$AP Yams has reportedly passed away at the age of 26. Details on his death are still developing – and the cause of his death is still unknown,  social media and members of the A$AP group has confirmed the death. Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Cosby and His Attorney Have Proof That Stripper Chloe Goins Is LYING

chloe goins

Bill Cosby said earlier this week, he is FAR FROM FINISHED -and in a recent statement just released by Bill Cosby’s attorney stating they have proof that the stripper, who was once arrested for prostitution, Chloe Goins is lying about her accusations against Bill Cosby!!! Silence is Golden, especially when you know the truth….looks like legendary Dr. Bill Cosby is far from finished!!!

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Amber Rose Wants Wiz Back

Amber Rose responds to IG comment

Last year Wiz and Amber Rose suddenly split , after the rapper allegedly cheated on his wife with several different females. We don’t hear a lot about their break up or divorce – however Wiz has been seen with several different women since the split.  Earlier today Amber Rose told a fan on instagram that she wants her husband back,

After posting a selfie, a fan commented “you should get back with wiz!” Amber replied “I want to.” Read the rest of this entry »

Funk Master Flex Comes For Jay Z, Says He Can Ruin Him

funk master flex

Flex is on another one of his rants, this time the target is Jay Z?? Doesn’t seem like a fair fight, but ok…lets see how this plays out. Flex began his rant with dissing Jay Z’s website LifeandTimes…. Read the rest of this entry »

Nick Cannon Files For Divorce


After six years and two children later, Nick Cannon takes the first legal step and has filed for a divorce from Mariah Carey. Cannon filed for the divorce on December 12, 2014 just a few days after Mariah Carey performed at the tree-lighting event in Rockefeller Center Carey.
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Christina Milian and Karrine Steffans Fighting Over Someone Else’s Man ?


We all know people who want to throw shade can’t throw it unless its on social media….Looks like both of Lil Wayne’s girls Christina Milian and Karrine Superhead Steffans was throwing social shade yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

Nothing Can Stop What God Has Planned, Chris Brown Response To News of Revoked Probation

chris brown courthouse pic


Chris Brown’s probation has just been revoked, and Brown is now facing jail time. The singer took to twitter to say “Nothing can stop what God has planned. Surround yourself with elevators! It’s almost over… Keeping pushing forward and don’t break!” Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Brown Probation Revoked after Recent Nightclub Shooting !!

chris brown

Chris Brown’s probation officer wants him in jail! Just 8 days away of completing his probation, it’s been revoked. Sometimes trouble follows this young man around- now his probation may be revoked because of two separate nightclubs incidents when people inside were shot, and according to TMZ officials are worried and want the singer in jail!!!

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Love & Hip Hop Stevie J Indicted


Stevie J has been indicted for not paying over a million in child support and is he’s facing 2-years in prison following a grand jury indictment. If you recall Stevie J was arrested last year for his back. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Hart Covers THR, Talks About His Hero Bill Cosby and the Sony Shade

The reign of Kevin Hart

The Kevin Hart reign seems to keep growing and growing and in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hart talks about being happy, the Sony whore comment and the comedians he admires.  Hart says he wants to equal his heroes (Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock) and dwarf them by building an empire even larger than theirs.   Read the rest of this entry »

Is Rosie Perez Leaving “The View” After Four Months ?

whoopi rosie the view

After four months, Rosie Perez  is taking a break from “The View,” Perez had taken off the entire month of January to appear in Broadway’s “Fish in the Dark,” but she will not be returning to the program as originally planned, insiders said. However “The View” and a rep for Perez says she will be back. Read the rest of this entry »