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Martin Lawrence Confirms Bad Boys ‘3’ is Still Happening


During an appearance with Conan O’Brien Martin Lawrence confirmed that Bad Boys 3 is happening for sure. We told you back December of 2013 that Sony Pictures was developing a third installment of the Bad Boys franchise, the studio hoped to reunite director Michael Bay, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Well it’s confirmed and it’s happening..

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Nivea and The Dream Call Out Christina Milian For Being A Thirst Bucket


Even though Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are in their honeymoon phase, The Dream and Nivea are not thrilled that Christina is being a thirst bucket…

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Meet LHHATL Nikko’s Wife Margo Simms



Well, after Monday’s episode of Nikko coming forth to mimi about him being married and trying to justify him not telling her, pictures of his wife appears..   Her & Mimi have similar jawlines/bone structure. She is a Canadian native by the name of Margo Simms and balleralert.com did some digging for us… Check out the tea inside.. Margo is also a music artist as well… 

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President Obama Address The Drama in Ferguson, MO….

president obama morehouse

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there has been a lot of turmoil going on in Ferguson, MO with the killing of eighteen year old, Michael Brown During the 10-minute press conference from Martha’s Vineyard, he spoke of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a police officer Saturday and the clash between civilians and cops that have been plaguing the streets in St. Louis.

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North West Makes Her Modeling Debut, Draped in Chanel

North West CR

North West is too adorable, she is making her fashion debut in CR Magazine  draped in Chanel!

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Usher Calls Tameka His Best Mistake


Usher opens up in a new interview with Omagazine and he talks about Tameka being his best mistake and saying that being married to her only showed him that he doesn’t know everything.

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Ciara Responds to Break up Rumor


This is Elle Brooklyn telling I got nothing. And maybe you or your people didn’t do the interview, y’all are still not together!

Kanye Post Never Before Seen Picture With Him and Robin Williams Throwing Up The Roc Symbol!

voviusIt’s been a sad week since the new of Robin Williams passing, celebrities have been paying tribute to the comedian with touching and kind words…… Kanye posted a never before seen picture of Kanye andRobin Williams throwing up the ROC symbol….. With some touching words…

Future Cheated on Ciara With Keyshia Cole ? (Blind Item Reveal)


This is getting messier by the minute, apparently a blind item came out about a month ago about Future and Ciara and it talked about him cheating on his fiance with 2 industry chicks…. They are trying to say that one of them is Rihanna, but I just don’t see it….. But the other one was interesting.. It appears that he worked with Keyshia Cole on a project and they had a thing going on as well, but Ciara didn’t know about that, until now…. And Keyshia out here trying to put Diamond on blast for sleeping with her husband while they were still married… Playing the victim, knowing damn well she was the villain as well.. They are saying that Keyshia’s low key relationship with Future may have been the reason for her marriage crumbling… This news comes after it was announced that Ciara called off her engagement..

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Tyga Loses 50k Followers after announcing his break up with Blac Chyna


I guess Chyna has some die hard fans, after announcing that he broke up with Blac Chyna for unknown reasons Tyga lost some fans in the process… He originally had 5.0 million followers on IG, once he announced he was no longer with her he lost about 50k of that bringing him down to 4.95 fans… I thought Tyga was her come up… not the other way around. That’s sad.

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A Beyonce and Rihanna Collaboration on the way, with the Remix to Blow ?


It looks like Beyonce’ has another collaboration in the works and this time it is with the empress “Rihanna” There’s a screenshot floating around the Internet that suggests a “Blow” (remix?) has been registered in the ASCAP database with both Beyoncé and Rihanna listed as performers. I am actually here for this, I’m interested to see what these two will sound like on a track together…..

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wants Jay Z and Beyonce to perform at their wedding

brad pitt

Brangelina is gearing up to officially become husband and wife and for their nuptials they want Jay and Bey to perform, because their children are big fans of the couple. I thought they were already married, I mean this is the longest engagement ever!

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