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The Trials and Tribulations of Being a New Mommy Part 2: Getting Over the Guilt of Needing “Me Time”

mom How I felt leaving my baby

Recently I decided that it was time for this new mama to step out without the little ones for a little “grown up” time. While I was excited to be finally getting out after weeks of being on house arrest aka maternity leave, I didn’t expect the separation anxiety and feelings of guilt I would have for leaving my new baby. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul The Musical


K. Michelle debuted her musical last night on VH1, she shared her emotional story in the Idris Elba-directed hip-hopera set to the soundtrack of her debut album Rebellious Soul.

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Blac Chyna Say She Was The Loyal One Calls Tyga “F*uck N*gga!



Yes Blac Chyna puts Tyga on blast, she decided to set the record straight about why her and Tyga ended their relationship, she stated in a series of tweets that she was the loyal one and she never cheated, but to add insult to injury, vows to never be loyal to a F**ck N***a ever again…

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Kim Kardashian Gives North Her First $70,000 Birkin Bag


I’m all for giving your baby the finer things in life, but North is way too young for a Birkin Bag, Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West have given North West her first designer handbag, a $70,000 pink Hermes Birkin bag.

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Robin Thicke Rebounding With Katie Holmes ?

paula patton robin thicke


First of all, I just can NOT even see Robin Thicke with Katie Holmes of all people…

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Girlfriend Puts Her Boyfriend Up For Sale



I respect putting someone on blast, but the fact that you dealt with a man with all these negative qualities are truly questionable.. I mean we’ve all had our share of bums, but to just to put it on display.. With happy pictures to boot!

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Chris Brown wants to get Karrueche pregnant

erurunum (1)

Not married but pregnant, could  Chris be in his feeling because he spotted his true love Rihanna last night supporting her boo Drake…. It was all good just a week ago.. So the tea was right, Chris and Karreuche will be getting pregnant soon, if she isn’t already.. Just wait for the announcement… He still won’t do right by her though! Besides His sperm count probably on Waka with all the drugs he was doing!

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Miss Jackson Goes in on one of Floyd’s New Birds Bad Medina “If you want to come for me don’t do it from a fake fan page”

nelly miss jackson

It seems like Miss Jackson is in a better space since ditching Mr. Money Mayweather while dating her BFF Nelly. There seems to be a battle going on between Bad Madina and Miss Jackson, Shantel feels that Bad Medina wants to be her so bad and which I can see that. They got into a little battle via Instagram from a Fan Page that is ran by Bad Medina herself and let’s just say Shantel gave BadMedina her news…. She even called Bad Medina out for not being a real licensed Therapist and being Floyd’s jump off!

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Floyd Mayweather Says: Hip Hop Artist Come and Go, But I’m Relevant

bigtigger floyd mayweather

Floyd knows he is a pure troll for this statement right here, as you all know his rematch with Marcos Madiana is coming September 13th, and he is taking major shots at Rap Artist. In a new 15 second clip that was posted on Instagram, Floyd pointed out that he is the man and how all of his houses and cars are paid for (Literally)…. I guess saying that how these rappers really lie about the things that they have…. He states that he is relevant and living the life these rappers  wish….. LOL

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Dwyane Wade’s Home in Chicago Up For Forclosure


Dwyane Wade maybe living the life in Miami, but his home in Chicago is facing foreclosure. A bank sent a foreclosure notice on Aug. 11 regarding the $1.2 million pad that he and his ex-wife Siohvaughn shared till they filed for divorce in 2007.

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New Video: Nicki Minaj “Anaconda”


Nicki Minaj is taking back with this sir mix alot remake called Anaconda, we showed you video stills of Nicki giving Drake a Lapdance the tropical-themed clip, directed by Colin Tilley.

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Rihanna Supporting Drake Last Night at Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Concert, Rihanna to Perform at Superbowl Halftime ?

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.36.07 AM

Rihanna was spotted supporting her secret boo Drake last night night at his Drake Vs. Lil Wayne concert in NYC, her and Melissa were spotted in the audio booth, mind you we showed you yesterday the two leaving a New York club together! Is Aubrhi back on?

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