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Alyssa Milano pregnant with second child


Alyssa Milano,41, always said she wanted more children, and now the  actress and her husband David Bugliari are expecting their second

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Lauryn Hill Owes The IRS “AGAIN” $867K


Nearly six months after being released and serving jail time for tax evasion, Lauryn Hill owes the IRS once again. The singer was recently slapped with yet another batch of liens from the IRS totaling  nearly $867,000! I wonder who did she piss off, because they didn’t know this before or while she was in jail…?

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Man Busted For Sucking a Woman Toes at Walmart While Posing as a Podiatry Student

michaelMan, is it that hard out here? Registered Sex Offender, Michael Brown was arrested on Monday at Walmart in North Carolina for allegedly sucking on a woman’s toes while posing as a podiatry student.  He was taken into Custody and charged with a misdemeanor…

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Anna Winotur Has A Message For The Haters: “Kanye Did Not Beg Me”


As you know today was truly a surprise when Vogue released April’s cover issue with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover. Social media critics basically had a melt down after legendary editor Anna Wintour allowed Kim and Kanye to grace the cover of Vogue…. People were bashing Wintour on Facebook, Twitter and some even threatened to stop their subscription to Vogue. Wintour is speaking to you heathens and letting you know that Kanye did not beg her for nothing!

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Kim Kardashian speaks on her first Vogue magazine cover

kim kardashian kanye west cover vogue magazine

Kim Kardashian is so excited about her first ever Vogue cover. Kim Kardashian never leaked a word, took insults from critics and still came out on top.  What a pleasure it must be to see all of your hard work pay off. Kim posted on her instagram account April’s cover issue of Vogue with her and Kanye West gracing the cover with the following message.  Read the rest of this entry »

We Made It: Kanye and Kim Grace the Cover of Vogue Magazine

kim kardashian vogue

After months of whining and complaining Kanye finally came through and got his boo the cover of Vogue, along with himself… I must say they look fabulous! You remember at one point he was very angry at Anna Wintour for not wanting his beloved on Vogue.. I guess Anna had a change of heart!.. They are both covering the April 2014 issue…

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Pharrell and Will.I.AM Make Peace in Lawsuit


Will.I.AM and Pharrell who are in a bitter legal lawsuit have seemed to make peace, the Oscar nominated producer recently settled his bitter lawsuit with fellow artist Will.i.am over the use of the phrase “I Am.”

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President Obama Wasn’t Amused By Ellen’s Group Selfie, Talks Getting Matching Tattoo’s With His Daughters

ir (1)

President Obama is too cool for school, he stopped by the Ellen Degeneres show o promote Obama Care. Ellen also brought up how her Selfie out did his number of twitter retweets… His rebuttal was shade, shade, shade.. In a joking way though!

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Chris Brown Depressed and Talking to Himself in Jail ?


As I am typing, the song you remind me is playing and I feel so bad for Chris Brown , his rehab stint is nothing to sitting in a jail cell for 23 hours in a day. Chris is not taking to kindly to it either, he may be going crazy. “He’s not eating, not sleeping, and he’s out of his mind,” the insider continues. “He talks to himself. He’s tired and frustrated and feels like he’s trapped like a small hamster in a cage.”

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Tiny Firing Shots at T.I. Again ?

2006 BET Hip Hop Awards

 Well that teaser of everyone showing a united front was short lived, TINY took to social media to send some subliminal shots to TIP ? Possibly accusing him of trying to be friendly to these chics out here, when he has a woman by his side that would do anything for him….. Lord…. By the way Family Hustle premiere’s March 31st, so I suggest they get it together….. Check out her message inside.

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An Arrest Warrant Issued For Anita Baker


Anita Baker could be going to jail according to sources Anita owes $15k for work that was done inside of her home and Ray Smith decorators wants their money. Maybe she got caught up in the rapture of love and forgot about her court date?

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Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficent’ Gets Her Very Own MAC Makeup Line



Angelina Jolie has a new movie coming out that is a Disney Movie called Maleficent, which will be in Theaters, May 2014. Her movie has inspired Mac to create a collection behind it..  Nothing made me go wow.  Everything looks so basic. They could have really done so much with this collection, but it seems as if they didn’t put alot of effort into it…..

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Watch Nicki Minaj Give Advice to Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman


Back in December we showed you the trailer for the upcoming movie with Nicki Minaj, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton called the Other Woman. On April 25th we will see Nicki in action, you know she attended LaGuardia High School’s drama program and play Cameron Diaz’s sassy assistant…

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New Video: Rick Ross ‘Devil is a Lie’


Rick Ross finally drops his single with Jay called Devil is a Lie , Jay Z does not appear in the video  the MMG mogul holds his own, spitting the truth in front of a bonfire before driving off in a chauffeured vehicle. He even captions his lyrics for his international fans.

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Jay Z Accused Of Legal ‘Mischief’ In $600M Trademark Lawsuit


Jay Z and the owners of the Brooklyn Nets are being sued over the “Brooklyn Nets” trademark, Dr. Francois de Cassagnol has filed court documents accusing Jay Z of being in default, and his co-defendants of legal “mischief!” No wonder they’re both on the grind.

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