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Michael Jordan Takes Over His Team Twitter Account and Gets a Troll Together!


Michael Jordan is the man, he took over the Charlotte Hornets Twitter account opening night. Jordan had good tweets early in the day, but he was just warming up. In the middle of the afternoon, the “MJ Takeover” reached a high point. Read the rest of this entry »

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are Expecting Their First Child

TIME 100 Gala, TIME'S 100 Most Influential People In The World - Dinner

Well a congratulations is in order for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel there has been speculation for months that Jessica Biel is pregnant, but it apparently just got confirmed…
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Juvenile Officially Returns to Cash Money Records



Juvenile is finally going back to where he started, he has resigned with Cash Money Records… He made the announcement via MTV News…

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Kris Jenner’s New Man Reveals That Tyga and Kylie Live Together ?


Kris Jenner has a new man in her life and she’s apparently telling all of Kylie’s business… Sandra Rose broke the story about Kris and Justin Bieber’s Co- Manager getting it in and he recently traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s birthday…

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First Picture Beyonce’ Secret Sister Revealed


The woman that had a secret daughter with Matthew Knowles and was somewhat friends with Solange Taqoya Branscomb has been revealed. Earlier this year she came forward about her having a daughter with Matthew Knowles and in  a new interview with Inside Edition, the former lingerie model revealed photos of her child as she continued to allege Knowles’ paternity.
In the chat, Taqoya, who is based in Texas, discussed how her little one already shows a passion for singing and dancing. .. Just too cute…

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Gucci Mane Writes Letter to His Fans About Taking His Career To The Next Level When Released…

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.22.01 AM

Gucci Man writes a letter to his fans giving them hope , he is currently serving a three year and three month bid on gun possession. He tells his fans how he plans to change the world when he is released.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Are No Longer Together after 4 Months

Chris Martin Jennifer Lawerence

I know Gwyneth Paltrow  is somewhere jumping for joy, Chris Martin have reportedly called it quits after four months of dating, according to E! News.
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Watch Bobby Shmurda Entertain A Bunch of White Execs For Epic Records… Think “Bamboozled”



L.A. Reid gets an eternal side eye for this, Bobby Shmurda who is now signed to Epic Records had to put on a show for the execs to determine if he would get signed or not and let me tell you, this was hard to watch… This just goes to show how some artist would sell their souls. If they told him to hop on one leg while rubbing his belly and patting his head he would have did it…

Keep in mind that someone recorded him doing this, and leaked it to humiliate him.

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Womp Womp: Christina Milian Breaks Up with Lil Wayne After He Was out and About With Fiance’ Dhea?


Tina Turn up is not too pleased that Wayne was caught chilling with his Fiance’ Dhea…..  Wayne was spotted with his main Dhea at the Saints v.s. Packers game and Christina was not happy about that…..

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Blac Chyna Let’s Everyone Know Where Her Loyalty Lies With One Tweet!

blac12There’s been drama ever since Tyga did an interview with Vibe Magazine where he spoke on not getting along with Nicki Minaj and he thinks Drake is Fake. Then after that Drake claps back by trolling Chyna and liking all of her pictures on Instagram…. Well, Chyna decided to send a simple tweet showing who she’s truly riding for.

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Actress Barbara Bowman Recalls Years of Alleged Rape and Manipulation by Bill Cosby


Barbara Bowman who was an up and coming actress back in the day comes forward about her relationship with Bill Cosby, she was 17 when he took her under his wing and she says it was full of manipulation and possible rape. My mind right now, Bill was powerful enough to rape a white woman in the 60’s/70’s without consequence? Read her encounter inside.
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Ashanti Speaks on Nelly’s Package and Traveling to Dubai


Is Ashanti that irrelevant that the only thing she can speak on is her past Nelly ? Ashanti interviewed with Hot 97 about her new Christmas album and sexing her former boo Nelly… She was asked if Nelly was in a relationship and she said Idk, I don’t think so? So you haven’t seen him all around town with Ms. Jackson, Ashanti?

She also Confirmed that it’s been less than a year since they smashed meaning when there were rumors that they were back together, they were. Then Ashanti claimed that she was the one not claiming him……. Check out her interview inside…

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